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May 2017 - self exploration

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message 1: by Khulood (new)

Khulood AlKamali | 5 comments Time for the new feedbacks! Can't wait💪🏻

message 2: by Khulood (new)

Khulood AlKamali | 5 comments Post here pleas

message 3: by Hamda (new)

Hamda | 3 comments The little book of wellbeing by Nikki Page.

It is very simple and light .. It gives you ideas of how to take care of yourself physically and emotionally..

It contains three parts: Looking god, staying healthy, mind & spirit. Each part has 20 advices which makes them a total of 60 advices.

Through this book I realized how much more I can give myself (body & soul) and take care of it to a better level.

message 4: by Asma_AlHamed (new)

Asma_AlHamed | 4 comments Mod
Looks very tempting! I need to add it to my list! Thanks Hamda!

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