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Gilda Author | 9 comments Who read my new book On the Other Hand by Gilda?A review will help to expand my audience. Available at
Born to a middle-class New York family, she has had everything necessary for a healthy life. Unfortunately, she did not have the luxury of having being born with a silver spoon or on an platinum platter. Although jewelry, art, handsome men, and all the comforts one woman can possess has come her way, still, something is missing from her life. She has a need to fulfill a hole, and she is in a chapter of her life to realize that there’s more to life than the perpetual attaining of things.
Gilda reveals inside secrets on how to conquer obstacles in both life circumstances and the struggles in the business world for the working-class patrons.
On the Other Hand is a story of facing challenges and obstacles in life, family, and the world of business by Gilda.

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Prajwalit CHAUHAN (prajjawalit) | 19 comments willing to exchange review with your book for my book
let me know if you are interested

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