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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments description

hey, this is sara, a wish-girl in a world of facades, who dreams, and dreams. this is just me writing and scribbling my feelings, or whatever interests me. this is my main journal, but this journal is just an "odyssey" of a journal. and, by the way, you can comment.

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i bloomed, despite the darkness. i bloomed, as if i was in a star in the darkness, and i never could stop shining. my lips are the color of pomegranate wine, ironic. my dresses are spring, ferns, and wildflowers, shifting from the deep greens of meadows, to flowers in bloom. my hair is the color of obsidian, a crackling dark hearth, and my skin of mud, fertile earth. i never wanted to be queen of darkness, but yet i am, and a goddess of springtime. how ever-changing, and different. i am happy somehow, in my impossible lifestyle, with my mother and my husband, who each love me, one so darkly, and the other so lightly, which has created me, now all rust, and stardust, and given me a crown of onyx jewels. i do not tame the darkness now -
i live in it.
i am persephone, a throne of shadows for me, and flowers blooming beneath my feet.

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments description

And so, being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy.
— Edgar Allan Poe, Romance

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments description

they named me aphrodite, because i loved, and they loved. they said that my blushes were roses on my cheeks, and my eyes were raw emeralds, or sapphires, or even diamonds. they said i was merely a wish, a dream, a kiss forgotten, they said that i was a swan, so pure and so innocent. love and beauty, they named me. aphrodite. but what they didnt understand was that i wasnt perfect. i was a cracked mirror, with so much edges, and sharp bits. they expected me to be kind, a breath of fresh air, a miracle, a goddess. but i was cruel, and wicked, and so i kept my facade.

i am the butterflies in your stomach, and my lips taste of everywhere, and anywhere, bliss.

they believe i am a fairy-tale, and my charming prince is here with me. more lies and more facades. hephaistos nor ares are the ones that will fulfill my true love's kiss. envy is bitter, and sweet at the same time, and yet everyone envies me. no more is there to envy, only to feel pity. i have shattered, like a porcelain doll, and noone will find the pieces.

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they didn't believe that i could be a warrior, a genius. they laughed, and mocked me, but i promised myself i would win. i was athena of course, goddess of wisdom, of war, of craft. i weep over those i can't save, the innocents that have been stamped on, used as pawns in our chess-games. but i must hold a steady face, what would they do when they find out that i have a weak heart? i must be seen as formidable, i am a woman who cares for mind-games, and isn't vain. a troubled soul playing someone she isnt. i am a daddy's girl, sprouting out my father's head in coruscating gold armour, i was "ready" for war -
but i never was.
you aren't born, you're made. and i was not made, i was born.
and then the truth is sinking in-
like quicksand
surrounded and overwhelmed,
life is
just a
breath away.
and then i fall.

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments

i fall and twist and turn and life cripples, decrepit and decapitated.
luminous beings are we?

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments description

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments

she is surrounded by parchment, bygone books smelling of vanilla, and lavender , somehow so intoxicating to her, the pages so silky like satin petals, and so precious, as she loses herself in the books, and lets her imagine go wild, as a painting being drawn, the blank canvas no more.

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments

beauxbatons or durmstrang? ancient runes or herbology? cat or toad? diagon alley or hogsmeade? hexes or jinxes? dumbledore or mcgonagall? animagus or metamorphagus? the three broomsticks or the leaky cauldron? zonko’s joke shop or weasley’s wizard wheezes?

Delphinia (Dhamma ✿) (dhammarune) | 686 comments Just wanted to say, I love your journal--it's so beautiful and I think it inspires me ^.^

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zara (hazysunsets) | 2699 comments Delphinia (Dhamma ✿) wrote: "Just wanted to say, I love your journal--it's so beautiful and I think it inspires me ^.^"

thank u so much, ,thats so sweet <3

Delphinia (Dhamma ✿) (dhammarune) | 686 comments <3 You're sweet ^.^

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