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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5350 comments Mod
Shree, Eunice & Claire - Uprooted

message 2: by Claire (last edited May 28, 2017 03:43AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Claire  | 139 comments Thank you! When do you want to start? Let me know what your schedules are:-)

Eunice | 340 comments I'm ok any time. Would you want to have some sort of reading schedule and a specific day for discussion?

Claire  | 139 comments I am easy going.
Reading schedules are ok, but sometimes I get so dragged in a book I can just finish it in one go. I meant with schedules more to ask if you had other commitements first. My english might be strange sometimes, sorry about that.
Looking forward to this book.

Eunice | 340 comments Ah. Well as of now, I don't have any plans, so I'm good any time. But school will be starting soon for me so that my progress would be slower.

Shree | 23 comments Hi everybody! I apologize I just woke up.

I will need to get the book from the library so it will take me until May 30th to do that. Otherwise, I work full time so I'm not usually home until 6 P.M. CST. I'm free afterwards and the weekends!

If anybody has the book on hand and can see how the book is divided, we can set up a reading plan if you want to.

I will also be studying for my CPA so it will help me divide my time.

Eunice | 340 comments It has 32 chapters.

Shree | 23 comments 8 chapters a week, and we do our discussion on the weekends? I may post along the way too keep track of my thoughts.

Eunice | 340 comments Sure.

Claire  | 139 comments Ok:-)

Eunice | 340 comments Do we start on June 1 or 5?

Shree | 23 comments 5th would make for an easy division of weeks.

Claire  | 139 comments Start to read the fifth and discuss that weekend of 10/11? Fine by me any way you like it.

Eunice | 340 comments Ok

Shree | 23 comments Just checking in to say that I've gotten my book from the library!

Claire  | 139 comments Good to know, Shree. Happy reading!

Claire  | 139 comments How are you all doing on the book?

Eunice | 340 comments It's good! And I don't know why, but the cover gave me the impression that the language would be less modern or more formal.

Shree | 23 comments I apologize it took so long to respond, I've finished up to the end of chapter 8!

I know what you mean Eunice, I thought that Uprooted would have a more medieval setting. With this setting I expected more formal interactions and language. The setting still reflects I think. They women are featured in more traditional roles; the cultures and traditions seem to reflect it.

I also really love how ..underdeveloped? the magic system is. Most fantasy writers these days try and create unique magic systems and this one seems more open ended. I like how it is left up the imagination. It feels flowy and ....magical XD

I know I'll never be able to spell the main characters name so I'll just call her A. I like A, and I think she's being developed really well. I also like how she holds onto her values. Her interactions with her best friend in chapters 7 & 8 I think will show her that not everything has a happy ending. I actually really can't wait to see what happens after this.

On that note, this book is quite a bit darker than I originally thought it would be. Not like Game of Thrones dark but..realistic. At least, I was not expecting that scene with the Prince.

Eunice | 340 comments I also did not expect that the Prince would try to do that to her. The stories about him were grand and heroic, and seeing that they weren't true at all, I wonder what the other prince would be like if he ever shows up in the book.

I also forgot the exact spelling of the main character's name. It's easier to pronounce her whole name than spell it.

Shree | 23 comments I just went on fb and realized a friend from HS had the same name as her, we just called her "Angie."

The stories were all told to her as a child so I suppose they set him up on a pedestal. I guess with the story being told through her perspective, we also get her biases as well.

I quite like her very realistic sort of panic attack during that story. The brutal line where the dragon said (view spoiler) So mean and brutal. Made me actually appreciate his character more.

Claire  | 139 comments Sorry, I'm a bit behind. Too many challenges and parties. I will get there tomorrow and comment then. Until then I ignore your comments:-) But I am enjoying my read, that much I can tell:

Eunice | 340 comments I can't see the spoiler since I'm on my phone, but generally a lot of what the Dragon says is harsh but true. I like his rather strong personality.

Actually, I like all of the characters. They have a mix of good and bad qualities that makes them relatable.

I accidentally read ahead (I didn't notice the chapter headings), and Kasia's perfection isn't so perfect after all. But I did have a feeling that she wasn't as nice as she showed. Who wouldn't feel bitter when all her life she was told that she would be given to the wizard, had to look pretty and have to have baking skills? When she went through so much hardship to be a good servant to the Dragon, only to not be chosen in the end?

Claire  | 139 comments I enjoyed the book very much until now. the search for how magic works and how magic works different in two persons is bringing a lot of suspense and the feeling of antcipation when reading.
The two characters are more than just flat persons and I suppose they'll develop even more. And the humour is super. The way the 'rape' problem is solved, esp. The conversation about it, the sarcasm the dragon shows, make this book a real treat.

Shree | 23 comments There's definitely a contrast between A and the Dragon being played out. It seems to be the classic rules vs wild affecting each other. I'm sure the characters will continue to influence each other.

Shree | 23 comments I finished the next couple of chapters and my god. I think every character makes me so uncomfortable in this book. They're also so focused on what they want and what they need. Novik does not even try to hide the blatant prejudice and class system. There is really no redeeming some of these characters. I kind of like this.

The fight had quite a large amount of gore and reading it from A's perspective is quite realistic. There's no describing battle tactics or cool moves. It was one large bloody mess.

This book is really starting to give me mild undertones of horror. I am always fearing a lull or when good things happen now because I know something is going to happen that is going to unsettle me and frustrates me.

Most fantasy books seem to have a defined good vs. evil line. There is a definite evil in this book; however, the good doesn't really feel good. I'm using this word a lot but I am always feeling unsettled while reading this. Maybe this is what Novik was aiming for?

Eunice | 340 comments I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading the battle. Like you said, it was one big mess and I kind of felt bad for all those soldiers.

The fact that the "good people" aren't really that good makes the story feel more realistic.

Claire  | 139 comments I wished I could read on right away. I love the book!
The book is indeed very unsettling. Now A. Has to go to the palace while I really would have loved to see her stay with the dragon. Too romantic perhaps?
Her leaving makes me very curious on how the relationship with the other wizzard(s) will develop.
As to the horror... in so much books so many people die in battles. It is good that she makes the horror of the dying visible.

What happens often in this book is that the expectations you have aren't met. I like that and it adds lots of suspense

Shree | 23 comments I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for a bit more romance between A and the Dragon as well. I feel like she's forced to grow up fast. The age difference between the two is something to consider as well.

Eunice | 340 comments I also do hope for a romance but it does seem a bit far fetched. Nothing's impossible in fiction though!

Eunice | 340 comments Everything's really getting tense, with war nearing. I'm pretty sure that the queen isn't looking out for the kingdom, and Prince Marek is too blind and reckless to see what the Wood is trying to do. I feel like bashing his head in. Him and Solya.

Shree | 23 comments This book really does not stop climbing. You think you have some downtime and immediately. I'm really starting to think the Wood is the reason people still look over their shoulder for no reason.

True the Queen is horrible, the Prince is horrible, the one not so horrible prince ...well... xD

I'm actually really looking forward to seeing how this resolves. Also, I'm loving the writing style so far. It is keeping me hooked and there is no jarring moments that pull me out of book immersion.

Claire  | 139 comments I finally finished it. While I think it is a nice story, in a certain way I had problems getting my attention focused to it.
I think the book is too long for the action, but maybe I'm just an impatient reader. Curious to hear if you liked it all.

Eunice | 340 comments I was also a bit bored by some parts as it seemed to drive on but overall I liked it. And I didn't expect to like the though of something blooming between them because of the age gap, but I did.

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