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A | 270 comments Bernard Picart

Bernard Picart, after Jean-Marc Nattier
(Bernard Picart (11-06-1673 - 08-05-1733), after a painting by Jean-Marc Nattier (1709) mezzotint 29.1 x 23.8 cm 1715)

Bernard Picart (11 June 1673 – 8 May 1733), was a French engraver, son of Etienne Picart, also an engraver. He was born in Paris and died in Amsterdam. He moved to Antwerp in 1696, and then spent a year in Amsterdam before returning to France at the end of 1698. After his wife died in 1708, he moved to Amsterdam in 1711 (later being joined by his father), where he became a Protestant convert and married again.


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A | 270 comments Although there are many works to discuss, I chose,

'Perseus delivers Andromeda'

Perseus delivers Andromeda

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Heather | 8354 comments So do you have a particular reason you intentionally chose this one?

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Heather | 8354 comments Yes, it is incredible!

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A | 270 comments It goes against the popularized depiction of Andromeda we've gotten used to in Hollywood.

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Heather | 8354 comments Ah yes.

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