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Where is Giveaway Page in App?

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message 1: by MissCmiss (new)

MissCmiss  | 1 comments I'm using the most updated version of the Android GoodReads app, and I can't find *ANYWHERE* where I can just go directly to the GoodReads Giveaways page. It's easy on the Internet (as long as I take the trouble to go to the drop down menu in my browser and switch to the computer version of the webpage!), but I'll be darned if I can get there in the app! The only way is to come to this group and find a post that leads me to the page; only then can I click on All Giveaways. That's crazy!

Any help? Advice?

Thank you in advance,

Ellen Listens 24/7 | 6 comments I didn't even know there was one I always used desktop so please clue this apple user in also!!

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane (sweetbabyjane) I don't see one either. Have to use my desktop computer which I regularly use anyway for giveaways.

Ellen Listens 24/7 | 6 comments I can only get it on mobile through an email about a giveaway then I go to right corner after I open it up and go to all giveaways. I guess it opens it through the phones browser. Oddly enough I've tried to bookmark it so I can go straight to it instead of waiting for an email of "there's a giveaway on a book you shelved..." , and when I try to open it in browser straight on it comes up Error page not found. So I just save an email and check it weekly and enter the ones I want. I have no clue as to why we have to go through a back door on mobiles. Maybe if they read this they will add that to the app in next update rollout...

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