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message 1: by Angelise (last edited May 27, 2017 04:48PM) (new)

Angelise Reyes (iammaradyer) | 3 comments Mod
Does anyone know the meaning of fire? I know that water means to start anew; emotions that show unresolved issues; major life crisis. So what does the fire mean for TSC?

message 2: by shea (new)

shea hohle (sheahohle) | 2 comments Fire sometimes symbolises determination along with passion. Knowing this series, a lot happens/is going to happen that will involve some kind of willpower. With the cover having both Mara and Noah on the cover, the fire may represent them coming together with tenacity to fight some bigger power that will be introduced later in the series. I'm not 100% sure that's the exact reason but it's just a thought.

message 3: by Angelise (new)

Angelise Reyes (iammaradyer) | 3 comments Mod
No, I like the idea. I totally haven't thought of it like that!

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