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message 1: by Ceara (new)

Ceara (cereads) What reading challenges would you like to see in The TBR support group? Do you have any ideas for topics, themes?

Do you think we should do monthly/weekly challenges based on your TBR? (Such as, for example, read a book on your TBR that has a female main character) Any idea is a good one!

Also, do you think we should have a BOTM (Book of the Month) that is across most of our TBRs or should we have a theme instead? (For this you would choose a book on your TBR that falls into that theme)

message 2: by Catharina (new)

Catharina | 3 comments I think I would love a BOTM that we can discuss as a group. Maybe it could be a book that is on some of your TBR lists --> maybe we have mutual TBR books?

message 3: by Diamond (new)

Diamond | 2 comments I agree to do a BOTM even though I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate but I'll try. And also we can do a challenge like "Read the oldest book of your TBR pile", I'll try to come up with more ideas

message 4: by Laura (last edited May 31, 2017 01:28PM) (new)

Laura Noble Challenge ideas: a book recommended by someone else, a book with a color in the title, a male narrator, book from a genre you rarely read, etc.

message 5: by Ceara (new)

Ceara (cereads) Thank you so much for your ideas! :)

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