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2017 > FYA SUMMER SHOWDOWN IS COMING! And here are some details!

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Rachel (librrae) | 127 comments FYA SUMMER SHOWDOWN IS COMING! And here are some details:

If you’re club is new since last summer, Showdown is the time of year when we invite all of our book clubs to compete against each other in a series of puzzles, challenges, and YA-title-based photo snapping. The competition is virtual, but the team bonding is v real. Participation is in no way required, but obviously the more, the merrier!

If your club *has* participated before, you will be unsurprised to learn that we took all the survey results from last year’s game and came up with a new(ish) and improved format that should (we hope!) satisfy the greatest part of that feedback and give everyone an even better experience.

As a whole, this year’s Showdown will run from June 12-July 30.

However, like last year, we will be breaking the game down into smaller pieces, both to give teams who are gunning for gold a chance to catch their breath, and to give teams who prefer a chiller game to dip in and out as desired.

Schedule snapshot:
Prologue (one week) — June 12-18
Basically just getting everyone warmed up! There will be two easy tasks for everyone to use to get a groove, but otherwise we will be using the time to get the team tumblrs set up and the team captains oriented.
Part I (two weeks) — June 19-July 2
The first official scoring period! There will be challenges and puzzles over these two weeks, but they will be self-contained. If your team just wants a taste of Showdown, you could close up shop on July 2 and still feel satisfied.
Interlude (one week) — July 3-9
We Americans have a rough road these days, and this year’s national (woo) holiday (::sigh::woo) week will find us all in need of a break. Teams playing to win will still get to submit Photo Hunt entries during this week, but otherwise, we’re off! Take a break!
Part II (two weeks) — July 10-23
The second official scoring period! Mostly the same as Part I, just a whole new set of challenges and puzzles, and with more points available than in the first set (we see you, London!). Hardcore teams, just keep trucking along; chiller teams, maybe this is the two-week period that will work for you!
Epilogue (one week) — July 24-30
This is just for us Gamemakers to tie up loose ends, make sure all the posts are up and points are in, etc etc etc. There may be a puzzle or a standalone challenge this week, but…probably not.

And that’s it! Basically the same amount of time and work as in years past, but hopefully in a format that will give as much flexibility as possible to as many teams as possible.

The full rules and first set of game instructions will be sent out in a few weeks to the captains of participating clubs, but for those of you who are still on the fence and need an extra nudge—or for those of you who want a head start on one of the best parts of Showdown—here’s a sneak peek at this year’s take on the YA Mixology challenge:

Get This Party Started

We didn't get to see nearly enough of your cocktail parties last year, so this summer we are making it official! Officially worth ~*~points~*~ that is.

Your task? Start planning your team's cocktail/mocktail party, for which this summer we are requiring THREE things:

- A theme! YA-adjacent, of course. Send us an Ask at the Hub/shoot us an email if you are concerned your theme might be too out there…but we really doubt it will be. Gamemaker Corrie’s Totally Lit Parties would not be a bad place to start looking for some inspo!
- An invitation (paper or digital) representing said theme.
- A physically crafted spinner of some sort, with the circle part split into eight wedges, TWO wedges of which you have filled in with YA characters/book titles of your choice and all of which you have also decorated to match your theme.

Yep, Alexis is copying DC's 2013 Chopped-style mixology night! The remaining six options will be distributed in the Part I email, along with more detailed directions.

If you know your club is playing this year, go ahead and get started discussing your party! If you’re not sure if your club will be up for it, go ahead and send this challenge along to them and see what kind of response you get. And if your club ONLY wants to participate in the YA Mixology challenge? Also totally okay, and we literally cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Okay, that’s it for now!

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 11 comments Woohoo! Can't wait to see the rest of the crazy they throw our way.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 106 comments Yes! Points for drinks!

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