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Found (The Missing, #1)
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Logan Sitkin | 8 comments Time Travel, Infants and a Government cover up
Found- M.P Haddix
Review by Logan Sitkin

The book Found tells the story of Chip and Jonah, two neighbors who are both adopted and want to know more about where they came from. This interest in their origin starts when they both start to receive anonymous and mysterious letters. In Jonah’s adoption file, they find a number and call it, but the number is from an FBI agent, James Reardon. Jonah tells his parents he wants to know where he comes form so his family sets up an appointment with Mr. Reardon. During the appointment, Mr. Reardon was very vague and wasn’t giving Jonah’s family answers. When Jonah got up to use the restroom, a janitor appeared and told Jonah to take a photo of names that were on a list on his desk. When Reardon was distracted by Jonah’ s parents, Jonah had his sister take a photo of the list on his desk. They showed the list to Chip and they began their thrilling quest to find out who they really were.

I thought that the book was really exciting. It was suspenseful throughout and there was never a dull moment. I loved the ending because there was a huge plot twist. The character development of Chip and Jonah showed their coming of age from kids who were insecure about being adopted, to kids who realized that being adopted made them special so they became committed to realizing their past. While the theme in the book was hidden, Haddix was trying to tell the reader, that just because you are different, doesn’t mean you are not capable of doing great things. Jonah and Chip were different and felt awkward knowing that their parents wernt their real parents, but they embraced that quality about themselves and didn’t let that awkwardness stop them from hindering their quest to find out who they were.

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Josh McBain | 10 comments I read this book in middle school and i enjoyed it. i agree with you that it was exciting. i didn't enjoy the sequels as much though.

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