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Werner | 255 comments If you like fantasy with dragons in it, and enjoy short stories, this enthralling anthology from Dragon Moon Press, collecting 15 original dragon-focused fantasy yarns by enormously talented writers, is a must-read for you! (It might also forever change the way you view dragons --they're not necessarily the vicious, dumb, greedy brutes you're used to from traditional fantasy.) My five-star review of the collection is here: . (Of the 15 text reviews on Goodreads, none is below three stars, and only one below four. Nine --which is 60%-- of them are five stars.)

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Janelle (janelle5) I get a bit sick of the way dragons are often stereotyped in fantasy. It's always fun to find stories that expand the legend.

Werner | 255 comments Janelle wrote: "It's always fun to find stories that expand the legend."

That's my thought too, Janelle!

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