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message 1: by Tala (new)

Tala (talaa) | 6 comments Hey everyone!

I'm a passionate avid reader and beta-reader whose services are available for the entirety June and July.

I can read absolutely everything but my favorite genres are: YA, dystopia, women’s fiction, romance, short stories, humor as well as non-fiction genres.

My rate is 0.0005$/word and I can offer my notes on the plot, tone, characterization, description, inconsistencies and much more. I am also well versed in medical/science subjects, as well as culture/religion in the MENA region.

For more information about me or my service, please visit and don't hesitate to contact me on goodreads if you have any questions!

Have a pleasant day!

message 2: by Alick (new)

Alick Chingapi | 5 comments Not just the grammar and punctuation, but critical thinking was applied. Tala picked out pieces of statements that did not fit and did not add value. She had recommendations and provided an overall assessment at the end of each piece of work. Her critical thinking, allowed me to improve the overall quality of the stories. It was a pleasure to get her to go through my work and I provide a strong recommendation for her work

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie Gray (juliegray) | 3 comments Just emailed you through your website, Tala!

message 4: by Cleo (new)

Cleo | 17 comments I just had Tala beta my 83k contemporary romance novel and I can wholely recommend her:

+ Friendly contact
+ keen eye for detail
+ objective, helpful suggestions that show that she has immersed herself in the plot and is interested in making your story the best it can be
+ very good price
- Sometimes responses take longer than one day but you can schedule with her what are the best times

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