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Medomfo | 6 comments This where people can ask questions about life in France.

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Medomfo | 6 comments Hi
I'm a teen writer who is writing a book about a teen girl who goes to Paris to live for a bit.
What is it like for teens and kids living in France?

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Kristen Beddard (kristenbeddard) | 4 comments Hi there - Unfortunately, I don't have a good sense of this as we only lived in Paris until my daughter was 1.5 and did not have many friends with kids/teens. I would reach out to author Samantha Verant who has two teenagers in France. Her book How To Make A French Family has a lot of insight about this!
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Medomfo | 6 comments Thank you very much!

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Catherine Berry | 2 comments Happy to chat with you about teenagers in France. When we arrived in France, my three children (Australian born) were 6, 9 and 12. We lived there for 3 1/2 years. my book, 'But you are in France, Madame' details their experiences, but there is a lot that is not recorded that might add to your understanding of life in France from a teenage perspective.

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Medomfo | 6 comments Thank you so much.

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Medomfo | 6 comments What is school like in France for teens?

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Catherine Berry | 2 comments For my children, coming from Australia and used to group work, class presentations, continuous assessment, fluid teacher-student interactions and a variety of subjects (such as yoga, gardening, music...), school in France was a different world. Everything was marked out of 20, there was a lot of rote-learning tests, the students sat in rows and there was little variety in teaching style (it was predominantly 'chalk and talk'). As parents, we addressed the teachers formally. It would have been unthinkable to use the 'tu' form or the teacher's first-name. In all, it was hugely different, but, we had gone to France by choice, so we figured that we had no right to complain and did our best to accept differences as just that - not right or wrong. Hope this helps a little!

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Medomfo | 6 comments Thanks
What websites and books do teens in France like?
What are their favourite activities, celebrities?

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