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Luralee | 55 comments Hello

I'm looking for beta readers for my manuscript. I'm not in a rush, and would consider a swap or critique partner if it looks like we'd be a good fit.


A vagrant musician is accused of a crime, and only Joya Day stands up for him, even though it means antagonizing the head the Council, and risking another visit from the mental health committee.

He could have at least said thank you, but Angelo hardly seems to care. He refuses to tell her where he comes from, or anything else about himself. His reticence drives her to dig deeper and find out what he is hiding.

Things Joya notices:
Angelo's music is different from any she has ever heard, and he knows so much of it, but that is not his only unusual talent. He appears to be able to predict storms...and catch flying objects without looking at them, not to mention he is telepathic...

The night Joya discovers she is the cause of the disfiguring burn on his face, she finally finds out the truth--well, part of it.

Angelo is a time traveller, stuck in a loop. After three years of repeating the same events over and over again, he has almost given up hope of ever going home again. Not that home was so great to begin with.

Meanwhile, at a defunct human cloning laboratory, the only remaining outpost of Angelo's world, the last group of clones works tirelessly to repair the timeline and restore history.

If they succeed, Joya's world will no longer exist.


Complete at 90,000 words, first book of three, stand alone (I hope!)

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Luralee | 55 comments I'm still looking for betas.

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie | 7 comments I'm intrigued. I have my own SF story that might be new adult. (I'm not sure since it sets up a family saga, and I write these once young characters until they're grandparents.) We both share an element of music in our stories.

I'm interested in getting a regular CP. I'll be busy this month (trying to finish a writing project by the 21st and then at professional conference for a week), but I'll read as soon as I can, perhaps very soon if my powers of procrastination are acting up.

My story for swapsies is:

Miranda, a country girl on her own for the first time in Ithaca, New York, is approached on the street by a silver-eyed hustler who claims to see a great aura of light radiating out from her. As she learns her farrier trade at Cornell, they become unlikely friends. After he discovers the truth of her secret, she learns his secret from a genetics lab he escaped three years ago in Chicago. When a threat from his former lab crosses paths, they stand together to prevent his recapture.

(The music bit is that the male lead is a violinist. Wasn't sure how to add that in a logical way into the summary. Still working on that!)

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Ted Carmichael | 17 comments Hi Luralee,

I've written nine sci-fi shorts inspired by the darker side of the genre (think James Tiptree, Philip K Dick, JG Ballard). I'd be interested in doing a beta swap.

I checked out your ratings on Goodreads and found a few overlapping interests - I'm a big fan of "The Martian Chronicles," "The Road," and "Gone Girl."

Anyway, I'd be thrilled to get your feedback on my work. If you're interested in swapping, you can reach me here at Goodreads or at my email -


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Luralee | 55 comments Thank you for your interest. At this time I have enough critique partners.

I am still looking for another beta reader or two.

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