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message 1: by Flippo (new)

Flippo | 115 comments Please make the following corrections/additions.
Edition: De Grote Lijsters 199001
Edition: De Grote Lijsters 199002
ISBN13: 9789001561031
ISBN13: 9789001561048
ISBn13: 9789001547936
ISBN13: 9789001547950
ISBN13: 9789001549244
Edition: De Grote Lijsters 1996 no. 4
This is a bit of a mess.
The ISBN number at goodreads with this edtion is for the complete 1996 series of "De Grote Lijsters", I dont think that should be used.
For this edition/cover the correct ISBN is:
ISBN10: 900154925X
ISBN13: 9789001549251

But those are used with this edition:
But the cover with this edition is wrong, it belongs to edition with ISBN: 904170096X/9789041700964 (not at goodreads)

I hope a librarian can sort it out and fix this mess :)
ISBN13: 9789001549237
ISBN13: 9789001549268

message 2: by David (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments I started working on these but I can't finish so leaving this to another librarian.

message 3: by Flippo (new)

Flippo | 115 comments I see u did till the "bit of a mess", thanks sofar :)

message 4: by David (last edited May 28, 2017 03:53AM) (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments I did all the requests except the "bit of a mess".

It's not simple to move ISBNs around, especially with no concrete evidence. For us to change the ISBN for a cover (or the other way) there would need to be irrefutable evidence that there is a mismatch between them. Do you have an official source for these facts? That would make it much easier to do.

message 5: by Flippo (new)

Flippo | 115 comments I took a pic of my copy:

You can see the ISBN number for the series and this individual book. So 900154925X should be used is my opinion. shows the same:

The current goodreads entry for 900154925X shows cover that according to is used for another edition (14e dr):
If you google that ISBN number (904170096X) you will find 2 stores which show same cover
This concludes my evidence your honor :)

message 6: by David (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments Can't use data from book stores.

Best evidence: +

With the photo you sent of the ISBN page, I feel we have enough evidence to change ISBNs.


message 7: by Flippo (new)

Flippo | 115 comments thank you!

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