Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4) Inheritance question

This. Is. Awesome. Favorite ______?
Bree Bree May 26, 2017 01:23PM
Ok, so I didn't really want to narrow this down between quotes, characters, theories, and backstories, etc, so I thought that it would be ok if I just left it blank, it might be more fun that way any how. I like the part where Murtuagh went with Thorn and how the egg hatched for Arya. Also, I really feel bad about the death of the Elf Queen. That was awful, and I wish we could've gotten to know her better. This book is awesome and I can't wait to see what else Christopher Paolini adds on to either go into the future and see where everyone is right now or go into the past to see all of the amazing backstories of which I really want to know too. So tell me, what's your favorite ______?

i have to say that my favorite duel is the one in Ellesmere, between eragon and the elf who oromis assigned to teach him (this is of course after the agate bloodren) though this is not the most in depth or exciting duel, i enjoyed the lead up, as well as it being the first time that we get to see eragon 2.0

okay so my favourite moment is the whole book, but if I had to narrow it, I'd go for the "You know why" of Murtagh and Nasuada, that being bittersweet and sad I know, but their whole story is really beautiful and Murtagh is my favourite character so it obviously had to be one of his moments. Also I kind of loved how Birgit ends up only hurting Roran in the hand, because I was utterly terrified about what she was going to do, like I fear that woman people

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Bree lol yes I was so angry at her at first because even though I understand why it is 'his fault' ITS NOT HIS FAULT ...more
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