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message 1: by Arjani (new)

Arjani Tusk (arjunatusk) | 11 comments Looking for someone to exchange chapters weekly. Mainly interested in consensual erotica, M/M, sci-fi, fantasy, and combinations thereinof.

message 2: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle | 3 comments Hello,

I've been looking for someone to CP with for a while, but I've only recently advertised here. Does it matter to you that mine would not be romantic at all? I've beta'd M/M and co-critiqued romance and fantasy before on LJ and I'd be willing to read yours if you'd be up for reading a contemporary fantasy (LGBT characters are included by the main character is ace). It's a little dark/violent in places, but nothing in the realm of erotica. It's dark in a sort of mob/mafia kind of way. I'm mostly looking for someone to be blunt about what interests/bores them about the book. Would you be interested?

I'm particularly looking to work with someone who might be willing to work longer term, as I have several novels in the works that I'm editing together slowly.

Finally, how in depth would you want your betaing to be, are you looking for someone to pick up on plot holes/readability and give you a general impression, or are you looking for in depth checking/analysis?

Kind regards,

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