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Groovy Lee | 1 comments A Body Resurrected is a Kindle Thriller/Romance available on Amazon for $2.99. I would be so grateful to get reviews for this. Contact me here or at to talk about books or any questions you may have. Thank-you!

A Body Resurrected by Groovy Lee


Sixteen year-old Mira is an Egyptian girl who lives a quiet life in her small village in Lower Egypt 3303 B.C.E. But two visitors from the planet Aut are about to change that. The first “flying metal” that whips across the sky carries a murderous plague by the name of Demen. The second one that follows, brings a bounty-hunter named Weir. Against her father’s wishes, Mira becomes Weir’s accomplice in his mission to apprehend Demen before another woman dies by his hands.

But there’s a problem: Demen is now a powerful Pharaoh in the city of Sharkura. Will apprehending him cost Weir and Mira their lives?

Almay, California, USA, twenty-first century:

Tina Leggs oversees the artifacts and exhibits of the Graham-Arlee museum. She has no idea that the mummy exhibit that’s drawing huge crowds, is the same Demen that her ancestor, Mira, bravely faced centuries ago.

Demen is no longer a powerful Pharaoh. Now, he’s nothing more than a museum exhibit since he was discovered in the Valley of the Kings. But a rare occurrence will give him life once more. And his desire to kill the misery known as woman is as strong as ever.

Enter Q, a second bounty-hunter sent from Aut to capture him. Like Mira, Tina has been cast into the role of ally to this handsome visitor. Amid the destruction Demen is causing, and the risk to their lives to stop him, Tina realizes the strength of a man's love.

But, will she leave her family on Earth for the sake of that love?

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Groovy Lee | 1 comments EXCERPT:

Friday finally rolled around, and the ‘COME JOIN OUR ROYAL PARTY’ event commenced. This night was really thrown in honor of the sponsors whose massive contributions made it possible for some of the high-end exhibits to be toured at the museum, including Pharaoh Demen; it was the museum’s way of giving them first-look privilege, and to say thank-you.

Before going down the stairs to the lobby, Tina slid her hands over her solid navy-blue dress with the tiny bow at the base of her back, and touched at her pinned-up curls. After a deep, calming inhale and out, she descended down into a diverse crowd of a hundred or so in all shapes and sizes, mingling as they nibbled on the expensive hors d’oeuvres; and devouring the even more expensive wine and champagne that were passed around. She did her best, as she moved through the crowd, to ensure that everyone was content, and to let them know that Ms. Meryl would be giving her speech any moment.

Rihanna came up to her dressed proudly in a knee-length, gray chiffon number that accentuated her curvy form; her scarlet-red lips a stark contrast to her black hair and bangs cascading around her oval face.

“Wow. Did you come to work, or to hook a millionaire?” Tina gave her the once-over.

“Stop it,” Rihanna tapped her arm, as she tried to keep her coy smile from growing. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Why, thank-you,” Tina curtsied and batted her eyelashes. “It’s almost time to begin. Ms. Meryl…” She stopped suddenly as her eyes touched on two familiar figures in the crowd. “I don’t believe it.”

“What?” Rihanna turned to see what she was glaring at.

“They’ve got some nerve.”


“Wait here.” Tina marched off, excusing herself as she passed between the guests. She made it to her objects of irritation and asked none too kindly, “How did you get in?”

Tiffany offered Tina an obstinate smile and slid an arm through Jack’s. And the fact that he wore a simple jacket instead of a tux, or couldn’t even bother to iron some of the wrinkles out of that plaid shirt; or that Tiffany couldn’t lighten up on the black eyeliner and lipstick, annoyed Tina even more.

“Well, I guess I don’t really need you to answer that question, do I? You hacked yourselves some tickets.” She squinted her eyes and shook her head. “Of all the low-down, sneaky—I bet you unloaded Grace on Bitsy, too.”

“She jumped at the chance,” Tiffany lifted her chin in defiance. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, we see some champagne with our names on it.”

“Of all the unmitigated nerve,” she mumbled to herself quite firmly as she closed her eyes tight and did a one-eighty. When she opened them again, it was to look into a pair of violet ones from across the room. For that mesmerizing moment, her eyes cruised over the man’s thick, raven colored hair that in a normal, day-to-day life, seemed wildly uncontrollable; but for tonight’s celebration it stylishly framed his masculine face almost to his strong shoulders. And, dear Lord, how that tuxedo enhanced that tight physique. When their eyes met again, he smiled and lifted his wine glass to her. She waved for a short second, and tried to smile as she swerved back around. “Great,” she exhaled firmly. One look at her watch told her it was time for the speeches to begin. She excused herself through the crowd for the platform.

Ms. Meryl, in a pearl-blue original, courtesy of her best friend, Vera Wang, stepped up to the microphone to begin her speech, with Mr. Thompson, the museum’s senior director, right next to her. All in attendance grew quiet and slowly gathered around. She welcomed everyone, and after thanking them for their generous contributions, prepared them for what they were about to see.

“I must remind everyone that this can be a bit intimidating at first. Now ladies, I want you to hold onto your husbands, your boyfriends, dates, whoever is beside you, because…”

While she was cautioning them, Tina stood off to one side and smiled out over the crowd. As her eyes touched from one face to the other, gauging their reactions, she met the alluring ones of the handsome stranger in the tuxedo. The twinkle in his eyes, and that teasing smile growing across his face, was breathtaking. The loud eruption of applause broke the spell and enabled her to look away. She swallowed her heart back down and turned to give her boss her full attention in an attempt to concentrate on her speech.

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