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Diane Moseley | 1724 comments Happy Friday!
You can see something in somebody but they don't see it in themselves.You can want something for somebody but they are happy with the level they're on...You can know it will make them better but they think their mediocrity is good enough. You can know how and be willing to show them how to get there but they don't want to put in the work. You are too valuable to continue to pour into a cracked and leaking pitcher. Try once. Maybe even two or three times but after that put the top on the lid and put it away. Somebody will come along who wants and NEEDS what you were created to pour out. #TimeIsTooValuable #DontWasteIt #DontKeepCastingYourPearls by Paula Forte. (Diane Hemphill Moseley)

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Diane Moseley | 1724 comments Congrats on your debut! (KMF) KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!

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