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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Wolf Shifter Romance Alpha betrayed by 1st wife later marries slave from warlock people don't trust her, she saves members of the town, warlock sent her to complete a task and he visits her, but the warlock isn't all bad. Spoilers ahead.

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Brittany Hamilton | 2 comments I've been looking for this book for ages! I read it several years ago. probably 2013-2014. I believe that it is part of a series where these warlocks and witches are involved in each story. I believe that in this book one of them sacrifices their life and the book eludes to the warlock being reincarnated in a future book.
It starts out with an alpha wolf who's village was prosperous because he married a female warlock. she ends up betraying him and the pack is destroyed. then years later he still never takes a mate. he goes to a warlock and is given a slave who has some powers of her own. she remembers the alpha from when she was a child. he takes her back to his village as his mate but they don't mate until the end of the book. people don't trust her in the pack and they are very secretive about stuff. She saves one of the towns people with her powers. She works in the garden a lot. The warlock comes to visit her. The do end up mating and hey consummate their mating in front of the pack leaders because it is tradition.

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Brittany Hamilton | 2 comments I believe that the title of the book is something about the last alpha? or similar. The town has their own magic that keeps them safe and crops growing. The alpha has to take a mate on to continue keeping his pack safe.

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Brittany, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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