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David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments On it

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David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments I'll try to address the issues one by one. It does help if you number them.

Original publication date: Set to 1934. There is an automatic process that sets it to the first edition we have, unless manually set otherwise. No one bothered to set it until now.

Illustrator credit: For editions that a) have ISBN b) exist on worldcat and c) have illustrator credit on worldcat, I added the illustrator (and Forward) credits

Author name: I took a wide sampling of all the covers we have of this author and they all use "Benjamin P. Thomas", except maybe the PD ones, which are known to invent credits. Even his gravestone has him as "P."
I therefore merged both authors under "Benjamin P. Thomas".

Fred Bowen and the mysterious edition: this was added by a bot. There are two many books to add them manually so most of the books are added to Goodreads by bots. They usually do a decent job, but they have quirks. In this case the bot added a wrong title and author. I corrected the book per the worldcat entry.

I may have missed some detail, in which case don't hesitate to say so. Thanks for gathering this information.

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