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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Abigail (melissaabigail) | 8 comments Sorry, I'm a bit new but is there a guide to reviewing in this group? I usually just review as I feel like on case-by-case basis but for these review groups I would feel more comfortable if there was a certain formula or something I should follow--just out of fairness. Or if any author-reviewers here have a formula they like to follow and can point me in the right direction?

message 2: by G.J. (new)

G.J. Griffiths (gjgriffiths) | 794 comments Mod
Hi Melissa, When I joined GR a few years ago I copied down the following "guidelines" offered by Jay Howard the main moderator that I was working with at that time. I've adapted things now and then to suit myself and various groups I've been in. But like you I wanted some consistency in my reviewing so still find it very helpful most of the time. Hope it helps:

Reviewing Guidelines:
If you are finding it difficult to write an objective review, try looking at the novel under these headings:


Think long and hard about what you thought was well done, what needed more work. You may have hated one of the characters, but that must mean the character was well enough drawn for you to make that connection. A particular setting may have been so well drawn you want to visit there (or you feel your skin crawl at the thought of it). Mark each section out of 5, add up the scores and take the average (divide the sum of the scores by 8) and that, taken up or down to the nearest number, is your star rating.

In your comments, try and be positive and supportive, but above all be truthful. If some aspect particularly caught your attention, good or bad, try and find a good example to talk about. OK, this is heading more towards critique than review, but it clarifies things for you, the author and other readers of your review. If you have to give a 2* rating it’s good to see why you thought it was that bad. If you give a 5* rating the same applies. Justifications of your rating help both readers and the author. In time, with practice, it will also make you a better reviewer.

Best Wishes,

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Abigail (melissaabigail) | 8 comments Thank you so much G.J.! This is exactly what I was looking for.

message 4: by Philip (new)

Philip | 1 comments Hi there,

My name is Philip Wilson and I'm a first-time author. I recently published The Librarian- a revenge thriller that follows a shy librarian who accidentally stumbles on a conspiracy by a group of rogue cops. This may not be the right thread for this, but I was just wondering whether any indie author can submit their book to one of the relevant genre groups for review, and if so, how to submit the request for review. I appreciate any advice/insight you can provide.

Thanks in advance!


message 5: by R. (new)

R. Leib | 765 comments Mod
Philip wrote: "Hi there,

My name is Philip Wilson and I'm a first-time author. I recently published The Librarian- a revenge thriller that follows a shy librarian who accidentally stumbles on a c..."

Genre review groups work this way:

1) A moderator creates a review group and opens it up for sign up.

2) Members post their Goodreads author and book links to the review group topic to sign up.

3) Once enough members join the group, it is closed for new sign ups and moves on to the scheduling and review phases.

Members can influence moderators to start a new group in a particular genre by starting a new topic in the Review Group Requests folder. (In the Review Group Requests folder there are an explanation topic and many previous requests as examples.)


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