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MixItUp! Winter had put his phone and keys on the bench. He set his wallet under his phone just in case.

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MixItUp! ((Yes xD, idk if anyone doesn't :P))

Winter bowed, "After you, darling" he smiled, wanting her to go first. He had unbuttoned his tux

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MixItUp! Winter laughed, "Im pretty sure the cold is bothering you!" he replied, taking off his tuxedo before jumping in. It actually felt a little warm for him, considering he used to visit cold places all the time

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MixItUp! Winter swam over, scooping her up in his arms. He was barely able to reach the bottom of the lake. The water made her light though

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MixItUp! "You're no average girl" Winter replied smiling. He liked feeling her body warmth against his cold skin. "And fate brought us together"

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MixItUp! "Extra, extraordinary" Winter agreed, spinning her around in the cold water. To him, the water now felt like it was boiling hot

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Try not to hit your head on a rock if there isnt a cave" he smiled, watching her swim towards it

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MixItUp! Winter waited for a while before going after her. He was a little worried since it had been about 5 minutes and she hadn't returned

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MixItUp! Winter eyed Moon, "Mr Ribbits?" He asked, curiously

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MixItUp! Winter shook his head, "Sorry, he's not going to make it.." He patted her back gently. "But hey! This is pretty cool"

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MixItUp! "He shall be missed" Winter saluted to him, faking a couple tears. "He was an amazing frog... I wish he had lived longer"

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "We mourn the death of him. We hope a safe journey to heaven"

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MixItUp! Winter shook his head

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MixItUp! Winter laughed, "They are suspicious!" He scooped up a fish. "DID YOU KILL HIM!?" He asked it

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MixItUp! "They won't talk" Winter growled, throwing the fish deeper into the cave.

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MixItUp! Winter laughed a bit, "And ready to eat" he added gently. He was happy to be with his girlfriend

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Won't that be refreshing" he tried, not really wanting to go anywhere

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Yea, but it'd be difficult for them to not notice we're drenched" he smiled at her.

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MixItUp! "Calm down before you hurt yourself" Winter teased, picking her up like she was a princess

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MixItUp! Winter shrugged, "Hmm, true, very true" he kissed her

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MixItUp! Winter smiled, "I knew you'd cave in" he liked how he was heating her up while she was heating him up

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MixItUp! "I'm so humorous" Winter said, poking his humerus. He was witty at times when he wasn't being seriously.

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MixItUp! Winter pulled her closer to him, rubbing his hands on her arm quickly to create warmth for her. "When we return to shore I'll give you my jacket" he offered

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MixItUp! Winter bowed the best he could with her in his arms. "A shame I don't have them now" he had hoped to warm her quickly but there wasn't anything around

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Before the snakes come out" he joked. "Want me to carry you across the river?" He asked, not knowing if he would actually be able to but he surely willing to try

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "If you say so..." He watched her for a second

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MixItUp! Winter laughed, "I knew you'd come around" he gathered her up in his arms, trying to make sure she wouldn't get wet. He lightly stepped into the water, carefully swimming until he could stand

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MixItUp! When they reached shore he gently sat her on the bench gently. He put everything back in his pocket, putting his tux around Moon

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MixItUp! "I don't mind it" His white shirt was damp with water

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