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MixItUp! Winter stepped onto the balcony with Moon, staring at the night sky. The moon seemed to be full

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MixItUp! Winter shrugged, "Yes, I guess so" he smiled at his date, glad to be with her. He liked the open air, especially sense creepy and flirtatious guys couldn't get to Moon unless they went through him

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MixItUp! Winter rolled his eyes, "Wont you be cold?" he asked, fixing his blue tux. "I dont think we'd be sued" he replied, not knowing about if they would be mad

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MixItUp! Winter chuckled, "The song, 'Let It Go' haunts people" he stared at the lake for a second. "Only if you're up for the challenge"

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MixItUp! "After you" Winter smiled, taking things out of his pockets

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MixItUp! ((Sure :P ))

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