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Graham Wilson | 36 comments I joined this Aussie Lovers of Crime/Mystery?Thriller and Suspense about a week ago and so far have enjoyed reading about other people's reading experiences and winter challenges.

Now I thought it was time to put up a couple posts one for each of my two series, starting with the 'Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series.

This is a series of 5 books set in the Outback, mainly in the NT.
In part they are based on my experience of surviving an attack by a large saltwater crocodile in the 1980s and in part based on my experience working on cattle stations and aboriginal communities across the NT for much of my life and also meeting many backpackers on my travels - lovely, naive and trusting with little concept of the dangers of this place,

So my central character in this book is an English Backpacker, Susan, who comes for an idyllic outback holiday which becomes a nightmare. The first book in the 5 book series Just Visiting is available as a free ebook or Print on Demand so if you think it is of interest I encourage you to download at the following site (can also get on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo etc)

I think of the story as something between Wolf Creek (not quite as dark) and Gone Girl (you think you know characters but don't really)

Anyway happy reading for anyone willing to try and I would love any feedback - either as a review or emailed directly to me at I use reader feedback to improve the books over time and am half way through revising this series for a new edition.

I will also post a thread on my other series of 3 books called the Old Balmain House Series - a historical mystery and suspense series about a little girl who goes missing from inner Sydney 100 years ago.

Graham Wilson

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Brenda | 8934 comments Mod
Just Visiting by Graham Wilson Just Visiting by Graham Wilson

Transferred this thread to the Author Spot for you Graham :)

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Brenda | 8934 comments Mod
Just do the same when you post about your other books as well, thanks!

Graham Wilson | 36 comments Free full series for the next two days on Smashwords at

I wanted to let any Aussie readers of dark books know about this promo - this series has done very well in US with more than 20,000 downloads however to date I have very few Australian readers.
So I really encourage you to download it for free and start reading - 5 books in one package should keep people going for a bit.
Also see Goodreads link to book

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Brenda | 8934 comments Mod
Thanks Graham :)

Graham Wilson | 36 comments Hello to the people on Goodreads who have recently downloaded my various books - particularly this Outback Noir series.
Thank you to you all who have assisted me to achieve over 1000 sales on Smaashwords with the vast majority in this series as part of the current summer-winter sale promotion. It ends in less than 24 hours now so if you want to read one of my books grab it while free or discounted. Start with An English Visitor then go on from there at the link



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Graham Wilson | 36 comments Crocodile Dundee meets English Rose at Wolf Creek
- that is a summary of this series in less than ten words.
This box set of five novels set in outback Australia is called
'The Girl and the Crocodile.'
And for the next week it's free at the following link.

Graham Wilson | 36 comments With the Smashwords sale now on first and fourth book now free and others discounted by 50%+

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