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message 1: by Danita (new)

Danita Mayer | 5 comments Hello, everyone!
I am offering a beta reader special if you schedule between now and the end of June.
$40 for novels 45,000 to 59,999 words
$60 for 65,000 to 84,999 words
$80 for 85,000 to 99,999 words
$95 for 100,000 to 125,000
For larger novels or short stories, please email with details about your project.

The beta read service includes:
A detailed beta report (usually 4-5+ pages for a 75,000 word novel)
Comments throughout the manuscript (.doc or .docx files only)
I will also answer a few follow up questions if you have them (one to two follow-up email)

The beta report covers the following aspects:
Overall plot and genre-specific aspects
Pacing issues
Character development
Style and voice
Inconsistencies or illogical parts

I will read your work critically and honestly, but I always try to give positive feedback designed to help your work improve and grow. I discuss what is working in your novel, as well as which aspects still need development.

My specialties are literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, dystopia, speculative fiction, zombie apocalypse, and crossover genres. I have also worked on romance, action, and horror stories. I am happy to work on most types* of novels, except erotica.

*If your story covers controversial or extremely graphic themes such as physical or sexual abuse, violence, etc., please provide me with additional details.

In addition to beta reading full-length novels, I am also available to write critiques on works-in-progress, outlines, short stories, chapters, other aspects of your work.

Visit my website to see my testimonials and portfolio at or find me on facebook at

For more information, or to schedule your beta read, contact me at Mention where you saw my advertisement to get your special rate and reserve your spot.

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan Liran | 4 comments Just wanted to give a little voucher. I've had 8 people review my book for plot in its early phases, and there were only 3 that were particularly helpful. Danita was one of the 3. I've been working with her for close to 6 months now, and she's kind, honest, and above all, knows exactly what you're trying to accomplish with your book and how you can better work to meet those goals. She's also great with communication, and her advice is thought out and informed. She's earned me as a repeat customer, and you'd be very wise to book her. :)

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