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under the same sky, at the same time, in the same place. ━━━━━━━ in this reality where love and separation coexist we’ll have to abide by it.

hello! i'm aubree, and i've been roleplaying on goodreads for longer than you've been alive. just kidding — only since 2010. i've seen through anime face claims, days of no bold, characters that are four posts long... and now i seem to have found my own personal hell of making a new template for every character i make.

for all that i like to act organized i'm a #phake and so hopefully this thread will help me get my shit together. that's all. comment if you wish.

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S A V E D ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [ fc resources ]

chinese, male
‧ yang yang ( × , × , × , × , × , × , × )

korean, male
‧ lee hong-bin ( × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × )
‧ jung il-hoon ( × )
‧ ong seong-woo ( × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × , × )
‧ seo eun-kwang ( × )

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安武和代━━━━━━━━━━━━━━Y A S U T A K EK A Z U Y O

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T A I L W I N D S ( feat. hori eriko )
a simple template with minimalist accents

─ difficulty level: easy
─ suitable for profiles of any length
─ 1 horizontal orientation gif ( 415 minimum width )
─ minimal html editing req ( only for spacing of name + info )


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❛❛ J A E ❜❜ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ kim jae-seop ▬ eighteen ▬ male ▬ senior

Jae Kim, according to his peers: Smartass. Lazy ass. Has a great ass. Because the thing is, Jae has everything, so he doesn't want to do anything. What is there left for him to gain? He was born into enough money that he never has to lift a finger for as long as he lives, he's #3 in the class without ever studying any one subject for more than two hours total, and, quite frankly, he doesn't want to do work. There are better ways for him to spend his time, like playing video games the night before midterms. (He'll ace them, anyway.)

It's not like Jae is here to learn. Well, technically, yeah, he is. But that's not his goal. He just wants to have fun — you know, play games, get drunk, kiss a few girls, live life. Because whether he likes it or not, come graduation, he's going off to be a business student and inherit the company his father and grandfather have groomed for him. What more could a boy want?

Department: Saito
Specialty: STEM
Current Concern: His father threatened to cancel his credit cards if he doesn't stop spending it all on gas money to spend as much time as possible off-campus.
Most Embarrassing Memory: Look. He has a great ass. A great body, really. So of course Jae wears things that will flatter his figure. And okay, maybe the skinny jeans were not the best choice — they may have ripped in front of his chemistry lab class to reveal Girls' Generation logo print boxers, but now we all laugh about it, right? Right?

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Kim Do-yeon
Lee Mi-joo
Park Shin-hye
Sayo Yoshida
Yang Zi

Kang Min-hyuk
Lee Hong-bin
Lee Sung-yeol
Park Bo-gum
Yang Yang

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something something + 18
— doyeon fc
— out here to cause trouble >:)
— n/a

lee jin-ah + 22 + no family
— mijoo fc
— handy(wo)man
— bitch i'm not ur secretary w/deen's jinwoo

something something + ##
— shinhye fc
— n/a

something something + ##
— sayo fc
— n/a

something something + ##
— yang zi fc
— n/a

something something + ##
— minhyuk fc
— something w/shad's idk

seo nam-seon + 24
— hongbin fc
— c h a e b o l
— his father is the ceo of a pharmaceutical company
— his mother is a recently deceased supermodel and actress
— (he got his mother's looks, thank god)
— very devoted to his work (borderline workaholic)
— his mother was so worried about him when she was ill
— so worried that she hired him a personal stylist for after she died
— what little faith... honestly, he's a grown man
— (a grown man who can't dress himself)
— please save me, a fashion disaster, w/deen's joohye

song jong-hyeon + 25
— sungyeol fc
— doctor (pediatric resident)
— illegitimate child of dr. _____
— does he know he's the bastard son of the hospital director? yes
— do his half siblings know he is? debatable
— it's not like dr. director has ever acted like a father to him anyway
— in fact, jong-hyeon has the name of his mother's new husband anyway
— nope, he's determined he's going to make it on his own
— something w/deen's (joy)

something something + ##
— bogum fc
— n/a

something something + ##
— jun fc
— n/a

something something + ##
— yang yang fc
— something w/junor's idk

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[image error]something something + ##

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L I MJ A E - H Y U N G
+engaged to ryu ah-young[ 24 ]

JAE-HYUNG is a self-proclaimed opportunist. He's always been ambitious — it is, after all, something that he learned from his parents. He dreams of being at the top of the world, and he is willing to do what it takes in order to get there. Some call him fake, shallow, ruthless — but that's all part of the job, you see. No one advances in the business world by being honest and standoffish.

No; Jae-hyung is everyone's friend. He's a people person, a smooth talker where he needs to be. He knows the right way to humble himself in front of his superiors and the proper way to describe the notes in a glass of fine wine, and just the right amount of French to use to charm his boss' wife when complimenting the decor of her dining room at the dinner party. Maybe it's something that some people see right through, something that drives his peers up a wall, but Jae-hyung is a man with his eyes on the prize.

WHAT a beautiful couple, people tell his parents. And those people would not be wrong — Jae-hyung has matured from a cute kid into a handsome young man, and, well, no one could fault the pair for lack of beauty. From an aesthetic standpoint, they're a perfect match. On the personal level... maybe they're not quite a match made in Heaven. But Jae-hyung can pretend.

After all, he would have to be stupid to throw such an opportunity away simply because he doesn't particularly like (really, she's very charming, really, how incredible is she?, really, this is all. he's. ever. dreamed. of.). He's worked far too hard to let this chance slip through his fingers. Besides, according to the studies, married men are more likely to be promoted, and Jae-hyung isn't going to argue with the numbers.

In truth, Jae-hyung has always put far more time and effort into building his career than he has cultivating truly meaningful personal relationships. Is it lonely? Yes. Does he end up venting to his dog most of the time? Yes. But he's always had only one mode, which is go — and he has no real interest in changing that.

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L E EJ I N - A H

twenty-two + handywoman

JIN-AH learned a long time ago that life doesn't come handed on a silver platter. Growing up with only her single mother, a sanitation worker, she learned that to get anywhere in her life she'd have to work hard to take care of herself and the people she loves.

She wasn't born privileged enough to be able to frolic about, spending money on whatever she wants, going to school and drinking champagne from a beach-front patio. So she works. It's not an easy time when you work a job that most middle-class workers look down on, let alone the rich ass bastards she works with; but it pays the bills, and she's not going to complain about that. Or, more accurately, she's not in any place to be complaining about it. She's used to it by now — people appalled that a woman could be a repair worker, that someone as pretty as her working in such a place hasn't been snatched up as a doll-faced trophy wife, getting work requests from married men who want any chance to stare at her ass or look up her skirt. Whispers that she's actually just here to try to seduce one of the CEO's (many, apparently) sons. It's just part of the job. She's a pretty girl, so people think she's here for some sort of vixenly agenda; but at the same time, if she makes any effort to make herself ugly, then no one will listen to her. Maybe when they listen, their eyes are on her chest and their hands are where they shouldn't be, but at least she can do her job and live under a roof with running water.

You do what it takes to survive.

BECAUSE the thing is, she knows it's near-impossible for her to move up and out of this situation. She's long since giving up on her dreams. Being a teacher? Hah, that requires getting an education, and getting an education requires money that she doesn't have. She doesn't have time, or the finances, so she might as well just give it up.

Working part time in high school, then taking on the full-time job at the company straight out of graduation — her mother's low wage wasn't enough to pay for the both of them, plus all of the prescriptions for her mother's diabetes. There was no question. Jin-ah knows where she's needed, and she's not selfish or stupid enough to just leave.

Sure, she used to take a couple online classes. But she doesn't have the time or money to continue that, not after all of the hospital bills and funeral costs following her mother's health complications. And she refuses to take it for granted — she's lucky that her mom had been working for so long there and was able to get her a job. She's lucky — and she tries not to forget it.

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D R .J O N G - H Y E O N‘ J O N A T H A N ’S O N G

MANY would describe Jonathan Song as "a big kid." He gives an impression of someone who has never grown up — he likes to wear colorful ties with holiday themes or cartoon characters, he eats chocolate every single day and grimaces at the taste of liquor, he stops to pet any and all dogs that he sees out and about. And then, with a smile as sweet as the candy he carries in his pockets, that it's Dr. Song to you.

That's right: graduated from USC at age 20 and UCLA medical school at 24 — at the top of his class, he might add — and with a whole lot of student debt, Jonathan Song is, in fact, a licensed medical doctor. (Oh, he does love to see the look on people's faces when he tells them this.)

He's worked extremely hard to get to where he is — not everyone can graduate with a B. S. in biophysics in three years, after all, or at least not without losing their mind a little bit along the way — and, although Jonathan has certainly been gifted with the blessing of natural intelligence and particularly good memorization skills, that's not the only thing that has pushed him so hard to reach this point.

And that driving force, really, boils down to one thing: the desire to succeed on his own, rise to the top on his own, and one day say to his father, I did it all without you.

SONG Ji-young was only nineteen, a pre-medical student shadowing for a day at the hospital, when she had caught _____ _____'s eye. He was obviously older, and married, but — it was hard to say no when he showered her in expensive gifts, when he could end any future career for her with a single sentence.

As it turned out, he didn't need to say anything to end her future medical career — leaving her alone to fend for herself and their unborn child, with no financial support, was enough to finish it off.

Jong-hyeon — or Jonathan, as his mother told him to be called by, because it'll help you get more opportunities when you grow up — did not, by any means, live a bad childhood. He has always, after all, had a mother who would do anything to take care of him, and later, when he was in high school, got a stepfather who would do anything to take care of her. And he wouldn't change that for anything — he really wouldn't.

But at the same time, that doesn't erase the years of barely scraping by, the years of his mother going hungry so that he could eat more because you need brain food, Jong-hyeon, you need to do well in school so you can make a good life for yourself. It doesn't change the fact that his father has never acted anything remotely like a father, and Jonathan hates him for that. He hates him for the years of suffering that he put them through.

The best revenge you could get is to succeed on your own, his mother had said when he'd told her this, and Jonathan lives by it. As soon as he started tenth grade, he set friends and video games aside to work for the single goal of becoming a doctor. He'd be a good doctor — as good as a doctor as his mother would've been, better than anyone else, he'd do it faster, better, and then when he finally made it, he'd tell his dad to go fuck yourself!

...or maybe something slightly less disrespectful. Either way, it's proven to be a goal with great motivational power in his life. Because Jonathan's always known that he can, and now he just has to prove that he will.

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J I N - Y O U N G‘ C H R I S T O P H E R ’J O O


WHEN your only job in life is to be filial, your life should be easy. And, for the most part, life is easy for Christopher Joo. He hardly has a rebellious bone in his body. He's the perfect trophy son: speaks eloquently (and in three languages!), plays the viola like it's an extension of his body, knows twelve different types of ballroom dance, and, to top it off, is pursuing a doctorate in economics. (Really, it's just for the title. It's not like Christopher really has to work a day in his life.)

As he's grown older, though — as his world has expanded beyond the realm of fancy dinner parties and imported silks, as he's learned more about the world around him, as he's met people who have made him question everything he's ever wanted — he finds it increasingly harder to just take things as they come. But. It's family first, or so he keeps reminding himself.

CHRISTOPHER'S life is, perhaps, better than any one person should have it. On paper, there's nothing he could ever want or need. Sure, the fifteen years of compulsory ballroom dancing lessons weren't fun (the things he'll do if his parents threaten to cut him off...), and he's really nothing more than a perfect little trophy for his parents to sport, but life has been... easy.

Of course, education is a prerequisite to someday becoming the trophy husband his parents want him to be, so he had to go off to college at some point. And that's when things shifted — he started wearing glasses instead of contacts ("it's, like, nerdy, but in a sexy way?" his roommate had told him), he stopped caring so much what people though, and he — well, he met a girl.

And Christopher had never been particularly invested girls — his parents wouldn't have him being seen with girls all around town, especially not ones of a lower social class, but... Joo-hyun was different. She could make glycolysis sound interesting when she tutored him, and Christopher could literally not care less about science. But he knew, and he'd known from the start, that eventually he was going to have to choose between her or his parents — and then she left before he could make the choice for himself.

The problem is — even now, Christopher doesn't know what he wants. He's never known anything about what he wants from his life. He's never had to think for himself, not really — so how is he supposed to even know who he is?

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sophie odell + 16
— auli'i fc
— oh you sweet child
— wants to do good things
— but kinda dumb tbh.
— n/a

something something + ##
— xiaotong fc
— "girls like you should be seen and not heard"
— yeah bc whenever she opens her mouth she has zero filter
— social graces? yeah she doesn't give a fuck
— n/a

fujiwara maki + 19
— honoka fc
— interning at some office
— how... are these people so...
— (rich)
— (extra)
— (how are they still functioning)
— n/a

nam min-joo + 18
— doyeon fc
— out here to cause trouble >:)
— literally hates her stepmother
— honestly she's not that much of an extra brat
— she just acts like she is in front of certain people
— n/a

amy hong + 20 + housekeeper
— sejeong fc
— listen she wasn't supposed to be a housekeeper
— BUT then her mom got sick and someone has to pay the bills
— and she couldn't just leave those clients waiting...
— long story short she deferred her scholarship to vanderbilt
— that she could clean rich people's homes
— n/a

genevieve sato + 22
— kotoko fc
— law student
— flawless and seemingly heartless
— she's not actually heartless
— she's just tired of getting marriage offers from men
— a Certified Lesbian
— n/a

lee jin-ah + 22 + no family
— mijoo fc
— handy(wo)man
— she's had to make her life for herself completely
— she wanted to be a teacher and work in the low income school district she comes from
— but you actually need money to go to college. wow.
— had to start working directly out of high school
— i'm not your fucking secretary w/deen's jinwoo

sohn sung-jin + 23
— jinyoung fc
— on paper, he's perfect:
— graduated with honors, developed a popular dating app
— and on the side he goes on philanthropy mission trips?
— what a prince.
— yeah except he wants none of this "Top 30 Most Eligible Bachelors Under 30!" bullshit
— roasts people behind their backs
— really good at pretending to be a boring stick in the mud
— best friends who bail each other out w/deen's idk

lim jae-hyung + 24
— minhyuk fc
— uses his baby face and sweet smile to schmooze his way up the ladder
— ambitious to a fault
— man, this man is non-stop
— not too concerned about marrying someone he hates tbh
— we're supposed to get married but i h9 u w/shad's (seohyun)

seo nam-seon + 24
— hongbin fc
— c h a e b o l
— his father is the ceo of a pharmaceutical company
— his mother is a recently deceased supermodel and actress
— (he got his mother's looks, thank god)
— very devoted to his work (borderline workaholic)
— his mother was so worried about him when she was ill
— so worried that she hired him a personal stylist for after she died
— what little faith... honestly, he's a grown man
— (a grown man who can't dress himself)
— please save me, a fashion disaster, w/deen's joohye

"jonathan" song jong-hyeon + 25
— sungyeol fc
— doctor (pediatric resident)
— illegitimate child of dr. _____
— does he know he's the bastard son of the hospital director? yes
— do his half siblings know he is? debatable
— it's not like dr. director has ever acted like a father to him anyway
— nope, he's determined he's going to make it on his own
— ...and then he can rub it in his father's face
— just...go take your antibiotics you brat w/deen's isabelle

"christopher" joo jin-young + 23
— bogum fc
— not much of a personality tbh
— trophy husband material
— i still haven't gotten over you w/deen's joohyun

something something + ##
— xiao zhan fc
— i can't decide whether or not i want him to be an asshole
— something w/junor's idk

xue zi gao + 24
— yang yang fc
— #1 non-white model in the most designer underwear campaigns
— (#1 best looking model overall, in his opinion)
— skyrocketed to fame after that one photoshoot with the geode encrusted g-string
— fuck you i'm beautiful w/junor's (jing boran)

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JINX's leader, main vocalist, main dancer [ 27 ]
J A N GJ E O N G - S U

him. And true to the description, Jeong-su has stood
as Jinx's cornerstone and anchor through thick and thin over the past seven years. The oldest child of five and the oldest member of ten, Jeong-su has learned responsibility and duty for his entire life, and he's never known anything but loyalty. Charming and smiley, he's known as his dongsaengs' fool, his fans' fool, the one who actually goes soft for the terrible aegyo of the younger members. But beneath that lies a sort of stormy seriousness—the trait that's led to discipline that creates Jinx's 'flawless' synchronization and a (nearly) scandal-free seven-year career. Because Jeong-su is a perfectionist, and he refuses to accept anything but the best from himself and the other members.

Doubts were raised when Jinx debuted a member with so many responsibilities. But it was not without reason: Jeong-su had trained for the longest period of time, he had the stability, he had the natural talent combined with the necessary work ethic. The patience and resilience required to lead nine hormonal teenage boys. This is too much, some people said, They're putting too much stock in one member. This has proved to be both right and wrong—it's been years since the other members filled in any performance holes that might have been there at debut. But it is too much for Jeong-su to carry, even if he'd never admit it. He's sacrificed his youth to try to make it big, to try to make sure they stay there, so that when they choose to leave this life, they can do so with their dignity. Seven years devoted to protecting them and their reputation, to protecting Jinx's name and keeping their performances increasingly more impressive with no rest. Everything he's done, he's done to make sure that Jinx never falls from grace. But it's becoming harder. You can't succeed without sacrifice, he used to tell the members every day when they were rookies, but it's getting harder to not resent the things he's refusing himself. It's easier, though, to distract himself with preparations for their next album.

(He'll just ignore that unusual ache in his leg. It's nothing, after all. Age is just catching up to him. It's nothing.)

hardworking, responsible, practical,perfectionistic, strict, calculating,
beloved by the publiccarries burdens alone

one half of let's get married's latest it...yeah. that virtual marriage? aboutcouple with a fellow celebrity, tothat... sure, it was virtual at the start,
mixed response from fansbut now? maybe there's some truth to it

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R Y UG E O N━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━stylized as ❛ G U N ❜

twenty-seven, male, visual, sub rapper━━━━━━━━━━━━━━A - P R I N C E

YOU MAY HAVE heard of the expression "talentless visual." And if you looked it up in the k-pop dictionary, you'd find Ryu Geon's debut photograph right there. That stereotype about how entertainment companies just make certain members rap because they're too hopeless to sing? Yeah, A-Prince's GUN originated that. From the start, he was marketed solely as the group's visual—a little pretty, a little handsome, a lotta sexy.

And honestly, it's a good thing for him that he's so good-looking, because serious lack of talent aside, he doesn't have much going for him. Sure, he's a perfect suave idol for fans, but backstage? Well, it's another story. Make no mistake, he's not prejudiced. He doesn't discriminate. He's simply a dickwad to everyone.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ SCANDAL

In 2012, some netizens discovered a man in a series of adult films with controversial themes such as outer space, tentacles, and eggs... who looked exactly like teen heartthrob GUN. Before anyone could stop the spread, the issue became viral, and GUN—along with A-Prince and their agency—were under fire.

Eventually, the issue blew over, thanks to the undying support of A-Prince's loyal R-Princesses. A-Prince and GUN's fans shared their love and support via images on SNS. (See: 1, 2, 3, 4)

The truth is that Ryu Geon really never was in any of the adult films. Before debut, however, he had been seeking to make a little extra money, and had attempted to get himself a job doing such activities. He did not ultimately partake in them; the casting employees said he was too bad of an actor.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ SECRET

It's no secret to the more experienced artists in the industry, but, you know, Ryu Geon is a man; he has his needs. Everyone knows the flirtatious charmer from A-Prince. But it goes beyond greasy pick-up lines; he does, after all, also have a reputation for taking people home. And maybe there's a reason so many of them are rookie female idols, or maybe it's just a coincidence. But really, if you were them? How would you say no? To the most handsome member of the kings of k-pop? To a member of one of the most respected seniors in the vicinity? How could you say no?

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O HS U N G - J I N( n. )
1. male
2. born december 21, 1993 (aged 23)
3. first year law student
4. grandson of former president hwang chang-min
5. son of general oh eun-hyuk and attorney hwang so-yoon
see also: (view spoiler)

LIFE ISN'T EASY when you're the only son in one of the most high-profile political families in the country. For his entire life, Sung-jin has felt the pressure — from his parents, from his grandfather, from the Korean public — to succeed in whatever he chooses to do.

And, of course, he's never been given the freedom to choose anything to do but law.

He knows he shouldn't be unhappy with his life. He has everything most people could wish for and more. He's rich! He went to one of the best universities in South Korea! He's at the best law school in the country! But he's burning himself out for a dream that's never been his.

But it's too late to back out now. He's invested too much of his own time and effort; too many people have too many expectations for him now. He has to stick with what he's started. And no matter how much he wishes he was doing something else, he doesn't really want it — what he wants is to make his family proud, because his parents have made it pretty clear from his birth that they would reject anything less.

He's just trying to figure out how to not lose himself completely along the way.


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Joo Hye-mi (born Joo Hye Mi on January 2, 1993), also known as Hyemi, is a South Korean idol band singer, actress, and model. She is best known as the main vocalist of South Korean idol rock band ECLIPSE and for her roles in Philosophy 101, Under the Cherry Blossoms, I Hate You, and her first ever leading drama role in Flower Boy Taco Truck. Known for her countryside dialect and her girl-next-door charms, Joo Hye-mi recieved the Popularity Award in both 2015 and 2016 and is nominated for Best Actress for her work on the critically acclaimed new classic Gardener: The Lonely and Great Gourd in the first half of 2017.


[ CELEBRITY ] Joo Hye-mi forgets maknae's birthday?!
[+97, -103] I never thought she was that kind of person... seemed so humble.
[+273, -67] Come on, we all know she hasn't posted on Instagram since 2015 so
why would she post for Sungah's birthday. I'm sure she texted ...
[read more]

[ GOSSIP ] Joo Hye-mi reported to be leaving ECLIPSE?
[+407, -398] It was never going to last, we all knew they're nothing without her.
[+472, -187] If the sources are saying it then these things are always true... deny it all
you want but she just doesn't need to do charity work anymore ...
[read more]


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KANG SUN-HEE: Hallyu icon, celebrity royalty, entrepreneur, go-getter. At age seven, Canadian born Kang "Sunny" Sun-hee was scouted when visiting her grandparents in Seoul. At age nine, she had her break-out role in Calling You. At age sixteen, she had countless CF deals and was regarded as the nation's little sister. At age seventeen, she walked at Seoul Fashion Week, and one year later, Paris. At age twenty, she won Best Actress for the first time, and on her birthday, no less. At age twenty-three she earned her MBA. At age twenty-four? She got tired of modeling other designers' clothes and said fuck it, I'll do it myself.

Her ambition knows no limits, and her instincts rarely fail her. She has the experience, the brains, the fame, the public favor. Everything can come down to that. No matter what she does, she has confidence. She can take it on, whatever they throw at her. She's Kang fucking Sun-hee, real-life Wonder Woman, and she might just be the best around.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ S C A N D A L
When she took a role, the last lead casting announced, in Scarlet Lovers, a drama with idol and rookie actor Son Jae-hyung as one of the male leads, people wondered why on earth Kang fucking Sun-hee would be stooping to a low-budget production with rookie actors. But then the drama turned out to be a hit, and her chemistry with Jinx's Jason? Well, it won them the Best Drama Couple award when he wasn't even the first lead. And when there's that kind of chemistry, that's how rumors start...

Was in a — "willing" — secret relationship with the vice president of her last entertainment agency. She left the company on "good terms" after her contract expired at the beginning of 2016, but she does fear the potential release of compromising photographs should she misstep.
S E C R E T ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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Once the country's beloved maknae, Moon Yoo Mi once tasted the love of the public. At one point the member of Adonis with the highest number of fansites and largest CF earnings, she was beloved for her sweet, innocent image — one that was shattered in 2014 when compromising images were leaked of her and celebrity, revealing their then five-month affair.

Although ADONIS has remained the indisputable nation's #1 girl group in earnings and in name, Yoo Mi says that she feels her career has "suffered" from her dating scandal.

I was only twenty-one, Yoo Mi says, voice strained with emotion. I was in love. I wanted to spend every waking hour with him. I wanted to shout our relationship from the rooftops. And I never wanted to hurt him — how could I? He was my first love, and the press ruined us. After the photos submitted to Picdash by an anonymous individual were released, the young couple's honeymoon phase was shattered.

But perhaps that source wasn't so anonymous, after all. I know who did it, Yoo Mi says, a fire behind her eyes. I know who did it, and they completely violated my trust in people. They couldn't look past their jealousy and couldn't just take it out on me, but targeted him, too — what kind of person is that? How could a person do that? If you have a problem with me, fine. I know I can't make everyone happy. But tell me to my face. Don't take it out on people who aren't even involved.

When asked if the source in question was a member of ADONIS, Yoo Mi said, Does it matter? Either way, it isn't something I can ever forgive. I'm not someone you should mess with. They hurt me, and someone I cared about, and I will certainly get my revenge.

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21. male. main vocalist. ━━━━━━━ bravo's happy virus! always has his mouth open in photos from singing / laughing / yelling because he never shuts up! probably should! we love an extra king!

scandal ━━━━━━━ once when his roommate, dear leader Hyun, beloved hyung of his life, please forgive me, was doing a V-Live broadcast, Seo-jun was showering. Except that he'd forgotten a clean pair of underwear, so he went back to his room. And may or may not have been caught on camera in the background of Hyun's V-Live. Butt. Fucking. Naked.

secret ━━━━━━━━━ forget Jinx. There's only one senior group that Seo-jun cares about, and that would be A-Prince. His bedroom back home? A fucking shrine to the O.G. Kings of K-Pop. Honestly, some might even see it as cute that he became an idol because he admired them so much. What's a lot less cute is the explicit Woo Jungsik/Kwon Seokwoo fanfiction that he used to be famous for online. Thank god for Internet aliases, amirite?

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Published November 1, 2017

"I wished he had killed me. I really wish I didn't make it out of the accident
alive." / In his first interview since the tragic drunk driving accident which
has left him with permanent spinal cord damage, national sports hero,
three-time world champion, and two-time Olympic gold medalist Kim
Young Min opens up about his injury, his recovery, his partner, not being
able to participate in the Olympic Games hosted in his home country, and -
most surprisingly - forgiving the person responsible for the accident that
ruined his career.

Watch his final performance from the 2017 World Figure Skating
Championships here:

Donate to Drunk Driving, Death Driving here.

LicenseStandard YouTube License



Add a public comment...

SK SKATEI feel so sorry to his partner... What's she going to do now? The accident
ended her career too, not just his... I hope that man pays... This is why you don't
drink while driving...

___/KIM FANS INTLWhen I heard the news back in May, I couldn't believe it...
They're our country's heroes... Still really can't believe it's over like this...

PYEONGCHANG D-99Just before the World Championships I heard that they were
going to retire after Pyeongchang... I wonder if it's true? Though I guess it
doesn't matter anymore...

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아티스트 채널

Heo Seung Hyun (허승현), also known mononymously as Seunghyun, is the leader and lead vocalist of dance boy group MTI, formed through Make The Idol. Seung Hyun has said before that he attributes a large part of his popularity on Make The Idol to his activities pre-debut, including songs on Merry K-hristmas (2015), Eclipse's "Can't Stop" (2015), and Joo Hye-mi's "That Boy" (2016), in addition to his appearances on I Can See Your Voice and in Tempest's "Love Lorn (feat. Jeon Na-ra)" music video (2017).

There was a brief controversy during his time on Make The Idol during which netizens discovered that he had dropped out of high school, and never earned an equivalent. Heo Seung Hyun has addressed the controversy, citing his reason as wanting to focus on his training, because he then was preparing to debut as a solo ballad artist. The controversy has been mostly forgotten since Seung Hyun won one of the positions on MTI, but some question whether or not a dropout is fit to lead a group, while others have praised him for his honesty and passion for his work.

Since rumors of Fish N Chips Entertainment's addition of two new "hip-hop" members to MTI have surfaced, there have been a few reports saying that Heo Seung Hyun is in talks with the company to leave MTI and debut as a soloist and actor as originally planned. Fish N Chips Entertainment has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, and has yet to make a statement.

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twentysoleilmaknaelead rappermain dancersub vocalist(view spoiler)

DA-HYE, better known to her fans as DAY, cannot stop moving. It's something that has been evident ever since she was just a little girl — she can't be still, she has to be moving, dancing. Known for her fierce stage presence and girl-crush covers of popular boy group choreographies, yet also Soleil's cutie maknae aegyo princess, Day could be considered an idol with dual charms.

(Sure, her acting debut as a cameo in Lemon Candy was so awful that it became an Internet meme, but there's a reason that she's known as the Random Play Dance Machine and not the next great actress of her generation... jeez...)

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I use pixlr editor and make the graphic from scratch.

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