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_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments Let's talk about theories on the world and how you think things came by and let's just talk about the stars and ever other beautiful things

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La Superbe | 4 comments I am in ! but don't know where to start...

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Scarlett Neary | 4 comments Same dudes, someone kick us off with something, I'm stuck where to start too^^

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Maryland (marylaandd) I do have a theory. Narcissism doesnt actually exist, psychiatrists are just jealous

message 5: by La (new)

La Superbe | 4 comments Can you elaborate Maryland ?

message 6: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Neary | 4 comments yeah I'd love to hear more too!! try convince me...

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments Yeah I want to hear more too 😂

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments I have an idea

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments We can play this game where I start of with a sentence like "The stars came by" and the next person comments "The sun began to ignite" and on and on till we have some sort of theory

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Mairachloe | 7 comments hey maryland i know you i am greek too and i am subscribed to your channel

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Mairachloe | 7 comments The sun began to ignite the moment I laid my eyes uppon you

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Emily | 30 comments I think the only difference between a romantic and a platonic relationship is sexual attraction or increased commitment.

message 13: by Mairachloe (new)

Mairachloe | 7 comments yeah i agree and especially with sexual attraction

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments Guys what is the point of life 🤔

message 15: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Neary | 4 comments I'm still trying to work out exactly what I believe it is, but from my experience we're put here to be tested, but also that some people are born with a purpose, some people come to earth a bit more otherworldly with more magic than others and some people are simply from another planet altogether and are completely ethereal and we're very lucky if we ever encounter these people. I know of two people I believe to be like this.
There's also the opposite of this where some people are evil, but then I think of the quote, "hurt people hurt people" from Diary of an Oxygen Thief and try and remind myself to try and always be graceful. However not all people deserve to be treated with grace and kindness, I think some people are pure evil.
Then I sometimes think, why does there have to be a meaning? Maybe there isn't and we're just made of chemical elements and all there is is life and death.
I don't like to believe that though, I don't believe death can just be the end. I'm not at all religious, just kinda spiritual.

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments What do you mean by people who are completely ethereal? You mean people who are gifted?

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Scarlett Neary | 4 comments People who seem like they're from a different world, for example, someone who is so beautiful they look like they came from a another planet/universe

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La Superbe | 4 comments Wow Scarlett, that's a great way to see things I never thought of categorizing people's purpose in life, I don't know why I always thought either we all have a purpose in life or we just don't and life just doesn't make sense.. Maybe some have a purpose and others don't … ? I don't know...

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments But everybody should have a purpose that's why we are living.Whats the point in living when there isn't a purpose.
Maybe there isn't a point and as a result there is no purpose

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments just kidding

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments there should be a point

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Mairachloe | 7 comments In my opinion it is up to the individual whether they will find a purpose. I don't want to think that we are being borned and everything in our lives is planned out for us. I think purpose is something personal and not something religious or spiritual. I think some people just find their paths and their "purposes" a lot easier or sooner than others. But that is a result of many things. Like their upbringing, the environment and the place they grew up and live in,their appearance,their personality, the people in their lives,etc. In other words I believe purpose in life is something we create for ourselves. It can be found in something completely different for everyone. And when we meet people who have actually achieved that and found what they want to do in this life, the feeling is so strong and we feel so overwhelmed and motivated by them and their actions, that we refuse to think that this is something humanly achievable, something powered by passion,compassion and hard work, so we like to charge this on a god, a fate, a purpose, an 'out-of-this-world' power.
By the way I do consider myself spiritual

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments I get where you are coming from and I understand what you are saying.You create your own purpose.

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Mairachloe | 7 comments yes exactly

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments I have a question

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments Is living life to the fullest important

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Sophia (mommamoth) | 2 comments is this a serious question? cause yes, undoubtedly yes! we only have a limited amount of time to be alive, i'd like to use it to explore the world- soul, mind, body- to an extent as full as possible <3

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Mairachloe | 7 comments I totally agree with Sophia

_xinfinityendingsx_ | 15 comments If this was your last day on earth then what would you regret the most

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Sophia (mommamoth) | 2 comments nothing. but if it really were my last day i'd regret not immediately flying to daytona beach to give my best friend one last hug, if i don't get a chance to before the day is over. what about yourself?

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Gemma | 1 comments hey hey i just joined tha group you all & am ready to get mah read on. that sounded weird.. but okay. just hope it will light up my eyes just like tha stars in the sky. i dunno what i am writing at the moment to be honest

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Luna Sierra (luna_sanguine) | 1 comments I'm a philo major so sorry if some of this sounds a bit much. But basically I believe in dualism. I think the world and our experiences are based on two interconnecting realities- the physical and metaphysical world. I think they both interact with and influence the other. Though most modern philosophers disregard the phenomenon of metaphysical reality, I think that's most because there's little evidence. However, I think there's proof of it in that concepts influence us so greatly, and influences the physical world in a real way.

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Fi | 25 comments @Megan i think your beliefs are really interesting! ❤️

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Hi joined the group

Question how do you know whether your destined to something?

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La Superbe | 4 comments Well thats basically the purpose of life.. some belive we are destined to do/achieve something and some dont..

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