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message 1: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Annie Hall is the first one which comes to mind.

message 2: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9128 comments Mod
Not one of my favourite actors or directors.

Although I know actors love working for him.

But did enjoy Casino Royale, the comedy one.

message 3: by W (new)

W | 39 comments I particularly enjoyed Sleeper,Bananas and Love and Death,all full of sight gags and side-splittingly funny.

message 4: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9128 comments Mod
I do prefer his earlier stuff

message 5: by Mara (new)

Mara Pemberton (marapem) | 310 comments I am not a fan of Woody Allen, but I did like his movie BANANAS a 1000 years go. I know I will be groused for this but I did not like ANNIE HALL.

message 6: by Steve (new)

Steve J. | 12 comments Manhattan is one of mine (despite the slightly disturbing plotline from the viewpoint of today - aging film director and young student get together).
My other favourite is Hannah and her sisters.

message 7: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Manhattan is very good.The slightly disturbing plotline is also there in Hannah and her sisters when a married man falls for his wife's sister.

message 8: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 7903 comments I liked Sleepers. But nowadays I wouldn't watch a Woody Allen film due to his personal behavior.

message 9: by PamG (new)

PamG (lynguy1) | 1413 comments Woody Allen is not one of my favorites. However, I did enjoy Casino Royale from 1967 (spy spoof) and, more recently, Midnight in Paris from 2011 (comedy, romance, fantasy).

message 10: by Lisa (last edited Apr 06, 2019 02:46PM) (new)

Lisa (freyabarrett) Crimes and Misdemeanors was his best work, outside of Hannah and her Sisters and Annie Hall. I love Woody. If we start to judge artists by their lifestyles, the museums and movie theaters would be empty.

message 11: by Luci (new)

Luci (luciskydyme) | 21 comments Midnight in Paris- I liked it because of the portrayal of the historical characters, more than the overall plot.

message 12: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9128 comments Mod
Also a musician...

message 13: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Amiss (itsawriterfullife) | 478 comments Annie Hall

message 14: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Of the more recent ones,Vicky Christina Barcelona was pretty good.

message 15: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Blue Jasmine was not bad,either.But his later movies,are more serious,and he has made so many of them.Many are very forgettable.A particularly dark one is Match Point,from 2005.

message 16: by David (new)

David Putnam (davidputnam) | 84 comments For the most part I'm not a big Woody fan. I think his humor misses the mark with me. Though, one of the funnies movies I had ever seen when I was young was Everything you always wanted to know about sex. I laughed so hard I fell off the chair.


message 17: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Yes,it had some very funny bits.

message 18: by W (new)

W | 39 comments Just too bad that personal controversy has overshadowed all the great things he has done in cinema.

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