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rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
Sapphire stepped into the ballroom with her dress. She didn't care about all the weird stares she got. She pulled up a chair and sat down, adding finishing touches to her hair.

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bubblewaffles Ophelia walked slowly into the ballroom, worried about what people would think, and what to do about the loose thread in her dress. She wanted to have a good time but didn't want to be attracted to a lot of attention.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
Sapphire put one last diamond and stood up, and saw girl. "Hi!" She said with a warm smile. "You new to the ball?"

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bubblewaffles Ophelia nodded, unsure what to say. She flushed bright pink, embarrassed. She chided herself for being a total rookie.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
"I'm Sapphire," she said. "My family's hosting the ball. Anyways, what's your name?" Sapphire asked

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
((Sure if that's ok with Waffles :3))

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bubblewaffles ((Sure!))

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let us commence :D))

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bubblewaffles Orpheus noticed a girl, who she thought looked way prettier than her, and looked at her own boots, feeling her face heat up. "Orpheus." She answered Sapphire quickly before she could start another trainwreck.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
((Do you guys wanna rp at the snack bar? Cause there's nothing to do in the ballroom))

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bubblewaffles ((Sure))

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 164 comments Mod
Sapphire was bored of staying in the ballroom. She walked out and went to the Dining Hall.

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bubblewaffles Orpheus decided to follow her out, as nothing was happening and she wanted someone to talk to.

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MixItUp! Breeze slowly walked into the ballroom, her dress swaying gracefully as she took each step.

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MixItUp! "Moon!" Breeze smiled, waving. She hurried over, hugging her friend before pulling back. "You look amazing!"

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MixItUp! ((Want me to move Winter here? XD))

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MixItUp! "It's fine" Breeze still had her bright smile. She shook her head, "I just like hanging out with friends here" she replied happily.

Winter was in a hurry to get to the ballroom. If anyone has touched(flirted) with her, they'll be sorry he thought, his shoes screeching as he got to the door. He put the ring in his back pocket. She'll look beautiful in it

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MixItUp! Winter was fixing his tie before dramatically stepping into the ballroom. His blue tux shone in the dim light, like glittering scales. "Moon" he had a small smile, he never really had a big smile. He quickly walked up to her, glancing around, "No guys have talked to you, right?"

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MixItUp! "Good, because this..." Winter pulled out the beautiful ring, "...Is for you" his smile got a bit bigger.

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MixItUp! Winter held out his hand, waiting for her to put her hand in his. He gently slipped the ring on her. "You look, stunning" he said coolly

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MixItUp! Breeze was smiling at the two. She waved quickly, looking downwards. "Nice to meet you"

Winter stared at her with a blank expression. "Nice to meet you too" when he spoke to girls he didn't know, he always seemed to have no emotion

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "We shall dance" he led his date towards the center of the ballroom

Breeze stayed behind and watched

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MixItUp! Winter once in a while would glance down at her before focusing on the music's beat. He kept staring at the ring with the dragon on it

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MixItUp! Winter slowed down a bit as Moon put her head on his chest. "Getting tired?" He asked, hints of tease in his voice.

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MixItUp! Winter shrugged, "I don't know... You" he smiled, a finger running through her hair.

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MixItUp! "Do I have to get you a cat ring now?" Winter asked jokingly, continuing to stroke her hair gently as thy danced. "If you become a cat, you'll be Moony"

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MixItUp! Winter noticed how her laugh was quiet. "Are you alright, Moon?" He asked, wondering what was bothering her. She didn't seem like herself today

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MixItUp! "I bet you that she's thinking about us" Winter pointed out, stroking her hair more to try to calm her. "Do you think she'd approve of us?" He asked randomly with a small smile

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MixItUp! "moon, she may not be here physically, but she is, mentally" Winter pointed out, it sounded weird

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MixItUp! Winter glanced around, "Considering I have a psychopath sister, there's nothing really to talk about" he tried to think about his past. Unless Moon wanted more depressing history, he'd keep quiet

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MixItUp! "Arrested" Winter said flatly, "But I enjoy visiting her. They actually treat her very well"

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MixItUp! Winter looked sideways, "It's strange, but I assume it's her working her natural charm" he joked.

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Ya, disappointed that she's in prison though"

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "It's a 6 month sentence. It's actually not that bad" he smiled at her. I am so lucky to have her he thought, truly liking Moon

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MixItUp! ((He can be, unless you want him to be a normal human lol))

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, chuckling, "Ya" he agreed. He twirled her slowly, then bringing her back into his arms

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MixItUp! "Moon, have you ever wondered what being a princess was like?" Winter asked, wondering if (WAAAAY LATER) she'd like to be a princess when they married

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MixItUp! Winter rolled his eyes, "I dont know, im a prince!" he smiled down at her

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MixItUp! "With the stuff my sister wears, you'd think she was the queen!" Winter could hear the song change to Mercy by Shawn Mendez. 'Why this song?' He wondered silently.

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MixItUp! Winter slowly led Moon off the dance floor, glaring at the people that would bump into him when trying to get onto the dance floor. He was happy that they weren't near a giant crowd. "Ou should've seen her face when they took all of her things!"

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "But, her face was so priceless" he smiled. His blue tux seemed like a disco ball as the party lights began to shine on it as they passed

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MixItUp! Winter had noticed her frown and had tried to follow her gaze to the man. His gaze harshened and he brought her close, kissing Moon while glaring at the young man

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MixItUp! When Winter pulled away he had lost sight of the competitor. He smiled at his date, "You alright?"

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "Anytime" he was relieved he had acted fast with the kiss. The next person to flirt with his girl would pay face-to-face

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MixItUp! Winter nodded, "That'd be nice" he held out his arm. "Shall we?" He asked with a small smile

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MixItUp! ((Sure :) ))

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