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message 1: by Irving (new)

Irving Drinkwine | 4 comments Looking for any info on a book, park of a series.
The book starts when the main characters home is in a big storm.
The river next to his home is flooding and he refuses to leave.
He wakes up still in his home but now it has been moved to outside of a castle. I'm not sure if it is an alt dimension or time travel.
The current technology is swords and armor. His home however continues to have electricity. I can't recall more but would like to re-read the book and would appreciate anything that would help me find it. Even if you read the book and can't recall the author/title but can add more detail to help me look it up, I'd be grateful. I have searched Google, Google books, Amazon - all with no luck, obviously.
If there is a better place to post, let me know. Would be nice to have a group just for this but perhaps I am the only one that cannot recall titles and authors.

message 2: by Greg, Muad'Dib (new)

Greg | 812 comments Mod
I have to say that I cannot think what this book might be, Irving! I can understand the frustration you must have in identifying it though.

I wonder if it would help looking up an article about 'Timeslip' in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ( since this may be what the protagonist in that story has experienced? Alternatively, its entry on 'Parallel worlds' ( or that on 'Multiverse' ( might also be useful.

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