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Melanie Mole | 10 comments Sounds good

message 2: by Dee-Cee (new)

Dee-Cee  It's all about the books (dee-cee) | 2 comments Yes I've read it and it's brilliant. I went to see Jodi do a talk when this was released, she's quite remarkable. Looking forward to the film.

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Melanie Mole | 10 comments I loved this book. here is my review -

The hatred emanated from the page so far, like it was a cake which had been passed round for miles, almost begging everyone to try it. The fate of which was too cruel or unacceptable to mention.

The baby without the face scene was described beautifully despite its content. My heart went out to both the parents and the baby. I felt too for the wonderful midwife who tried so delicately to get the father to spend time with his child before he would pass. The anguish and torment was there for all to see. The interaction between firstly mother and child, then father and child. Filled with grief for the baby they expected to have, and also the baby that they did. Not believing it, but knowing that they would only have a few precious hours before that child would be gone too. Too tragic to believe, but having to be lived through anyway.

Being arrested in the middle of the night and hauled out of your home in just your dressing gown and slippers. Wearing just that to be taken to, and appear in court. Feeling the humiliation, anxiety, shock, disbelief and grief. One minute a seasoned and well respected professional. The next minute the opposite. This story shows that you can be surrounded by people but still be alone. Still feel that you are the last person on earth that they are thinking of. That you are not important to them, and never were.

If that wasn't enough, all those negative feelings were multiplied so much by the untimely and unexpected death of her mother. Nothing seemed to soothe her except her son. But when he goes in one foul swoop from straight A student to something she has never seen before then what can she do?

On the flip side this story also shows how help and support can come from the most unexpected of sources. How it is so often who you know rather than what. How so many different professions work separately on an average day, but then come together when needed to form a cohesive band of strength and knowledge that fights together until the bitter end.

The intricacies of family life are at the forefront of the story. Each one with a different story to tell, and a different set of attitudes, each seemingly more complex than the last.

This story raises so many questions. Some never really answered, others too complex to even begin to really get into. Awash with stereotypes. Some trying their best to live up to them, and other trying to be as far away from them as possible. Each with their own unique insight and reasons for doing so.

How I wanted to run right into the story and hug Ruth. My heart aching for her …..despite her strength

So well researched. A subject not many will tackle as head on as this. It left me feeling that I knew so little in regards to racism compared to some. How even going shopping can turn into such a humiliating experience. One that should never get to see the light of day in modern day society, but does all too often.

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