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Black Hole Sun review

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message 1: by Dixon (new)

Dixon Livingston | 9 comments Black Hole Sun Review

Dixon Livingston

“Black Hole Sun” is a futuristic Si-Fi novel that follows Durango, a young man and his journeys as a “Regulator” (a mercenary who has been implanted with an AI as well as being equipped with special cybernetic armor and a personalized weapon). Durango is tasked with carrying out a multitude of dangerous missions from rescuing captured children to defending mines from the Beast-like monsters known as the “Draeu”. The novel drops the reader right into the action from the start preferring a “fight now give reasons later” approach which fits the flow of the story quite well. The backgrounds of the characters are woven into the flow of the book without drifting away from the main story by choosing perfect times to give information in ways that keep the reader interested such as using flashbacks to explain the origin of Durango’s personal AI. To go along with the fantastic action, the novel boasts amazing imagery to insure the reader has a good mental picture of the gruesome scenes that unfold throughout the story. Overall “Black Hole Sun” is a great read for those interested in an action-packed Si-Fi novel with interesting characters and an epic story to go along with it.

message 2: by Supreet (new)

Supreet | 2 comments Pretty cool, how many missions has he done?

message 3: by Cody (new)

Cody Queen | 8 comments The book sounds great, but there are more characters then just Durango and his AI hopefully. I'm not sure I would read this book though, as it seems to focus on the action rather than the story by your review.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Daniels | 5 comments sounds very interesting, I myself like high action books. is there any other important characters, there doesn't seem to be any?

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