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Chessela Helm | 8 comments After reading the Invertary, Sapphire Falls, and Hope falls books, I'm on a small town romance kick. I like that there are characters of all ages, and I like that everyone is really quirky. On the opposite side of things, I read and enjoy a lot of books set in New York City. I've lived in big cities most of my life, and I enjoy the familiarity and the wide variety of places the characters can go.

My question is, what do you like about each setting, and which do you prefer?

I'm going to start writing a contemporary in the next month or two, and I can't decide whether it will be set in a small town in NW Michigan or in New York City. I want to write both of these books eventually, just not sure which one to start with. Thought I would get other writers' perspectives on what they enjoy about each setting.

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Jane Blythe Just locking and archiving this duplicate thread since you've already got some great answers on the other one!

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