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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Woman returns home to the south after inheriting a restaurant and falls in love with childhood friend

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Marcia Agena | 2 comments I read this book about 1-2 years ago. It is set in a southern town on the coast. She returns home after a long absence and inherits or takes over a waterfront cafe/restaurant. She lives next door to her childhood friends who are brothers. She takes pies over to the brothers and their dad and grandfather. She falls in love with one of the brothers who has a military past. They fall in love while renovating the restaurant. He surprises her with a bar covered in pennies. They spend a lot of time talking on her porch swing. There is also a mini storyline about some older local veterans.

This is a romance novel for adults.

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Kris | 33322 comments Mod
A long shot -
The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Café by Jenny Oliver?

Marcia, can you tell us more about the heroine - her job before returning home, interests/skills, siblings/friends, etc.?

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Marcia Agena | 2 comments I don't remember much and it's driving me crazy lol. I don't believe she has other siblings. I vaguely remember something about her being sent away as a teenager due to a death? and now something has brought her back. It takes place in the South...maybe GA, SC, or NC.

The hero of the story is also featured prominently. He has possibly 2 other brothers and lives with his dad. (This makes me think this book may be part of a series?) There is also a grandfather present. I believe the main male character was in the military though I'm not sure which branch. Something terrible happened while serving...possibly he was injured or fellow comrades were killed. He is fighting his own demons.

I hope that helps. Thanks for your response :)

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Marcia, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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