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message 1: by Greta (last edited May 24, 2017 10:13PM) (new) - added it

Greta | 5 comments Hi guys, I recently published a YA romance that I think you would all love. Best part, it's FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited otherwise only 3.99 on Nook or Amazon (links at bottom). I'd deeply appreciate the support and just reviews in general! The sample pages are free for everyone. Thanks, description below.

Once bubbly twenty-one-year-old photographer Natalie Sullivan has just lost her boyfriend, Luke, in a tragic car accident. To honor his memory, she plans to embark on an epic road trip with her friends to the places he talked about, including Zion National Park, Valley of Fire, and more. But during the funeral, a girl bursts in claiming to be his real girlfriend, and on top of that- she is pregnant with his child. Natalie doesn’t know what else to do except hightail it out of town, but her car breaks down and her only ticket to escape is with Rhys, Luke's abrasive little brother who drinks whiskey out of a coffee mug.

Rhys, a seasoned outdoorsman, has issues of his own — his father blames him for the death of his favored son and admits he’s not even sure if he’s Rhys’s real dad. Through their devastation, an undeniable chemistry grows as they find solace in one another, and even though Natalie knows she must confront the other woman, now she must also decide if Rhys is just a temporary fix, or if they have something real together.

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Chloe | 226 comments This sounds really good!

message 3: by Greta (new) - added it

Greta | 5 comments Thank you <3

Chloe wrote: "This sounds really good!"

message 4: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Perry | 700 comments This was a great summary!

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul West (paulwwest) Sounds like a great story. The only problem I see, and maybe the book explains things better, is why Natalie feel a need to run away when some girl claims to be Luke's real girlfriend. I hope the book explains that better than your description.

Good luck with it. It sounds great otherwise.

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