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Master Melvin M.  Lusterio (aionheaven) | 5 comments Hi, I'm Melvyn, I love reading books, nice group we have here, thanks for sharing!

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Diana Firican (dianafirican) | 2 comments Hello everyone,

I'm Diana, I'm 32 and currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I like to play tennis, I teach yoga and... my cat is famous on Instagram :).

I moved to Canada in 2013 and out of this experience, the hardest I've had, a book has "emerged". My wish is to make anyone's move to another country easier, faster, cheaper and more pleasant... unlike mine.

I appreciate you for being here, for reading and for being open to the world. I believe that by reading you become a better person and you contribute to a better world. Thank you for doing that :).

Much love,

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