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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance: heroine runs a gelato company with her grandmother. [s]

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Hannahbanana | 3 comments I am looking for a contemporary romance novel that is apart of a series following a family. I believe it is the last book. The heroine and her grandmother run a gelato (or maybe it was ice-cream) empire. The hero is the grandson of her grandmother's enemy. They had been secretly dating and the heroine became pregnant, She runs away and the hero follows her,

I believe the first book of the series starts with her brother, and he falls in love with his employee (she might have been a maid). At some point in the series I think they were having a huge launch for a new gelato flavor, but it was ruined and tasted horrible and might have made everyone sick. They blamed the Hero and his grandmother for it.

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Hannahbanana | 3 comments Yes thank you! The plot popped into my head last week, and it was driving me crazy.

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