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message 1: by Sanibel (new)

Sanibel | 6 comments Would you rather have aliens or mythical bests?

message 2: by Nikki, Eragon Bookslayer (new)

Nikki Sojkowski (nikkisoj) | 1545 comments Mod
I adore both but I prefer mythology!

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark Evans (marktheflamebook) I prefer aliens at the moment. Mythical beasts seem to have overtaken for a while, but it's time for more aliens.

message 4: by Valliya (new)

Valliya Rennell SCIENCE FICTION ALL THE WAY! I prefer thrilling stories in space with aliens and planets and all those things. I do like fantasy though, but more like ToG.

message 5: by Lesa (new)

Lesa Divine | 8 comments I've been reading mythical lately.
Can a few list some stories that's science fiction but thriller too. I would love to read science fiction but don't know where to start.

message 6: by Chloe (new)

Chloe | 226 comments I like a cross between fantasy and science fiction! Currently I'm reading fantasy and I love it though :)

message 7: by Mehsi (new)

Mehsi | 1128 comments Mm, I am not a big fan of both. But if I had to pick, give me aliens and space ships and exploring planets. Much more interesting to read about. :)

message 8: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 328 comments Aliens. :-)

message 9: by Lina (new)

Lina | 81 comments I prefer fantasy. I mean there are a lot more people that prefer science fiction, but for me science fiction is just too heavy, but so can also fantasy be too. But i just prefer fantasy books because i always read them and i am used to them.

message 10: by katherine (new)

katherine (anonymous_penguin) | 72 comments Fantasy. Well, not like super hard core fantasy with words I can't pronounce and stuff but like mostly I read fantasy and it's my favorite genre. I tend to stay away from sci-fi because it kind of confuses me. I don't like science and sometimes for sci-fi if you don't get what they're talking about, you don't understand the books. Also aliens are classified as sci-fi (right) and while I like supernatrual/preternatural/mythical creatures, I don't like aliens for some reason.... Alien stories just never really click with me, I guess.

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