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M.E. Jakobsen (kiasconnection) | 2 comments Hey guys... And gals..
I have written an Adult Adventure Fantasy novel. We're talking app. 62.000 words, give or take.. There are 16 chapters ready. I will send 3 chapters at the time. I'm looking for plot holes, character perceptions and if there's any weird sentences/paragraphs, that makes no sense. I've edited it as well as I could on my own, but the proff. edit won't happen until the end of it all.

This is what it's about:
Weird things start happening to Kia - a young, lonely, fragile woman. An unexpected attack in the town square makes her realize her true identity. She is sent towards another world on an action-packed journey in which she becomes an open target to the enemy.
Will she accept her new fate? Will the enemy - despite her multi-abilities - stop her? Or will she let her self-doubt lead her to her demise?

I need about three of you. I will ask you to contact me, as soon as the chapters have been read, so I can conduct an interview afterwards, through email-video call (gmail) or Skype..
It'll all go down over email. I'm looking for both genders, no official age group, but my target audience is people in their twenties.

Warning: Graphic language and violence. And high-paced awesomeness.
Contact me via if interested, please and thank you

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M.E. Jakobsen (kiasconnection) | 2 comments Post has been updated :) I still need Beta's :)

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