Dry Bones (Walt Longmire, #11) Dry Bones question

Has anyone read any of these authors?
Libby Libby May 24, 2017 12:49PM
I want to know if these authors are semi-clean or clean writers: Here is the list of the authors I want to know about.
C.J Box, Lisa Kleypes, Jeffery Archer, Geraldine Brooks, Elizabeth George, Lauren Groff, Jan Green Rachel Kushner, Brad Taylor, Jennifer McMahen, Jane Smiley, Karen Robards, Lisa Gardner, Laura Lynne Jackson, Christina Feehen, Darynda Jones, Taylor Anderson, Jaquelyn Mitchard, Karen Slaughter, Anne Perry, M. O. Walsh, Kay Hooper, Emma Donoghue, Anne Hillerman, Miranda James, Jenn McKinley, Laura Levine, P.D. James, Laura Levine, Craig Johnson. I think I spell some of these authors right. Craig Johnson I think wrote Dry Bones. I hope someone knows a little bit about these authors. If anyone knows a good mystery authors that are semi clean or clean please let me know.

I have read all of Craig Johnson's Longmire books and have enjoyed them very much. The first book in the series is the Cold Dish, not Dry Bones which is the 11th. I have also read all of Anna Hillerman's, books which continue some of the characters created by her father Tony Hillerman. I found them enjoyable and believe they would meet your cleanliness criteria.

To add to what others said:
Elizabeth George - G (clean but tedious and long-winded.)
Karen Robards - PG (some intimacy)
Karin Slaughter - PG (violence, sometime excessive and gratuitous)

I have read a lot of Craig Johnson books and they're well PG if you had to give them a movie rating. Dry Bones is part of his Walt Longmire Series. The first book in the series is Dry Bones, which has been followed by many others since. The basic idea of the Longmire series is that Walt Longmire a small county sheriff in the fictional Absaroka County Wyoming has bad luck as there's always a mystery and or murder to be solved. These books include a lot of southwestern Native American Lore at times and will take you on some interesting adventures. The series is listed in order on Goodreads.

C.J Box=Clean
Jennifer McMahen=good author but not clean
Lisa Gardner=Somewhat Clean very good author
Kay Hooper=Not Clean
Craig Johnson=Clean

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