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W Colonel Muhammad Khan : Best known for Bajang Aamad,the humorous account of a young officer's experiences during the Second World War.
Shafeeq ur Rehman : A docotor (and a general), among the well known names in Urdu humour.
Brigadier Siddiq Salik : Best known for the poignant Main ne Dhaka Doobtay Dekha (Witness to Surrender),he also wrote Salute ( a witty account of his army career) and Haman Yaran Dozakh (a haunting memoir of captivity as an Indian prisoner of war).
Colonel Ashfaq Hussain : The author of Gentlmen Bismillah (the life of a cadet at PMA Kakul),Gentlemen Alhumdulillah (an account of his military career) and Gentlmen Allah Allah (his time in Saudi Arabia).

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Rural Soul | 69 comments فیض احمد فئض بھی آرمی میں تھے۔

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W I like Faiz's elegant use of language.From that aspect,he is my favorite poet.

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Rural Soul | 69 comments صحیح

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Mujahid Khan | 25 comments Siddiq Salik ne "Pressure Cooker" bi likha hain, jo Urdu adab ka aik shahkaar novel hain go k isko wo pazeerai nahi mili jo milni chahiye ti

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W Yes,it is a very interesting novel.

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W Kakuliyat,by Brig. Saulat Raza.Humorous depiction of a cadet's life at PMA Kakul.

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W Syed Zamir Jafri,also from the army,known for his humorous poetry.

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W Siddique Salik's other novel is Emergency,set in the backdrop of rural Punjab.He also wrote Ta Dam e Tahreer,a collection of brief travelogues and social commentary.

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