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Before the Gods (Chronicles of Fate and Choice #1)
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Title: Before the Gods
Author: K.S. Turner
Genre: Fantasy (secondary genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal)
: Formats Available: Mobi, Epub, Pdf
Pages: 496


For millennia, the mute prophet has desperately searched. He has travelled from the turbulent shadow realms and walked paths between life and death to find the being he knows will be the choice-bringer. When drawn towards a race of light-dwellers, he thinks it may be one of them. But when he discovers that it is one of their harvesting units, a mere human bios, everything changes. This creature is not just destined to be the choice-bringer, but the key to all fates.

Tachra’s life should be like every other; content to pair, make children, and farm, but she has questions that no one can answer. What are the blue lights that appear over her village every night? Who is the strange black-eyed one who plagues her dreams? What is that voice that calls to her from the Earth? And, how did her parents simply come to be here, in this place, as adults? As Tachra quests for answers, the mute prophet quests for Tachra, and the light-dwellers quest for the source of a new, potent energy. Their paths are linked by fate. If Tachra succeeds in finding her answers, doors will open to the oldest worlds, the shadows warriors will be unleashed, and all life will be fated to darkness. But if she does not succeed, the consequences are worse.

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