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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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Dani (wonderlander94) | 40 comments Mod
This is the thread for anyone who has finished A Court of Thorns and Roses book and they can share their final thoughts here without needing to worry about possibly spoiling it for anyone :)
Can't wait to see all of your thoughts and opinions on this book!

Dani (wonderlander94) | 40 comments Mod
Some questions that you can help steer your discussion post or just answer by themselves:

1) Did you see the Beauty and the Beast theme while reading ACOTAR?
2) What are your thoughts on Amarantha's actions and motives for the whole curse and everything that led up to Under the Mountain?
3) What did you think of the 3 trials Feyre went through Under the Mountain?
4) What do you think of Rhysand? Feyre probably wouldn't have lasted long after the first trial if he didn't help her.
5) If you were Feyre, would you have killed the wolf too?
6) I was kind of sad when Feyre couldn't read, but her love was for art and colors - how do you think this helped her get through her life?
7) How do you think her not knowing how to read was considered a shortcoming by Tamlin?
8) Which court would you have liked to have ended up in if you had the chance to choose?
9) Did you know the answer to Amarantha's riddle before Feyre answered it?
“There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet,
And those I kiss but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.
At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair,
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.
By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.
For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When I kill, I do it slow... ”

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