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message 1: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 130 comments I have just placed a hold for the book at the library, so I should have it next week. I am looking forward to reading it.

message 2: by Rebeca (last edited Jun 01, 2017 06:35AM) (new)

Rebeca (beckykong) | 38 comments The city in this book was based on Waukegan, Illinois. The Waukegan Public Library is currently raising money to get a Bradbury statue. A book from the personal library of Ray Bradbury can be yours with a donation.

message 3: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 130 comments I grew up in a very small town so my friends and I spent a lot of time wandering around in the small patches of forest that were left, called wood lots. I remember going barefoot in the grass. We didn't have a ravine, just some creeks. We would be scared of the farmer's watch dogs when we rode our bikes along the country roads. Oh, yes-I forgot the mosquitoes!

message 4: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 130 comments I have just read the section about the Happiness Machine. The inventor really didn't understand why his wife was so upset until he tried it out. I like the fact that she waited a little while to call the fire department. And Leo finally figured out why the machine was not a very good idea.

message 5: by Rebeca (new)

Rebeca (beckykong) | 38 comments I too like that she waited. I wouldn't want to try the Happiness Machine.

I am almost finished with the book. Mrs. Bentley's story sticks out for me so far.

message 6: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 130 comments I just finished reading her story. It makes you think.

message 7: by Rebeca (new)

Rebeca (beckykong) | 38 comments Overall, I really enjoyed my first Bradbury book. It was filled with love, comedy, wonder, and even some horror. With summer approaching us soon it seems like we read this at a good time.

message 8: by Rosemarie (new)

Rosemarie | 130 comments One of my favourite stories is Aunt Rose's visit, who almost ruined Grandma's cooking skills. I like Douglas's solution to the problem.

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