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message 1: by W (new)

W Sad day,the death of Roger Moore.Loved his portrayal of James Bond and all the humour he brought to the role.

message 2: by Skye (new)

Skye | 2105 comments Yes, he was good, and it is so sad ; Dina Merrill also passed away, yesterday.

message 3: by Alan (new)

Alan | 148 comments I have always been a big fan of Roger Moore. I'm old enough to remember when he was The Saint on TV and played on Maverick. A good actor, and a good man.

message 4: by Skye (new)

Skye | 2105 comments Yes, I remember that show, Alan.

message 5: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (officerripley) He was indeed great on Maverick and my favorite of his movies was ffolkes.

message 6: by MissLemon (last edited May 27, 2017 01:30AM) (new)

MissLemon  (misslemon) | 252 comments I've been meaning to start reading all the Bond books in order so will be doing that in his honour. Mostly re reads but there's a few gaps.
I always preferred him as Simon Templar though, it suited him better. Or in The Persauders with Tony Curtis. And ffolkes is a great film, I'm sure I remember reading a book of it, will look it up.
Ffolkes by Jack Davies
Ffolkes bit tricky to find as known as North Sea Hijack in the UK

message 7: by Alan (new)

Alan | 148 comments Just watched Roger Moore on Maverick. A good guy and good actor.

message 8: by SherryRose (last edited May 27, 2017 11:42AM) (new)

SherryRose | 924 comments He was great. I wasn't a bond fan but I liked Roger Moore. He was the king of suave.

message 9: by Bill, Co-Moderator (new)

Bill | 5389 comments Mod
He wasn't my favourite Bond but I remember watching and enjoying the Saint as a kid.. His Bond movies were fun to watch too.

message 10: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Walker (miriamwalker) | 3 comments Farewell Sir Roger Moore, the coolest 007... Superb in Live and Let Die ...

message 11: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (cinnabarb) | 8058 comments Sad to hear this. RIP Roger Moore.

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