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message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken (kanthr) | 334 comments interesting. Nasa returning to Kennedy's vision of doing the "hard" things? Maybe.

message 3: by Warren (last edited Jun 15, 2014 12:21PM) (new)

Warren | 1556 comments You just ring up engineering and them them you want warp speed.
How hard I can that be?
~Gold shirt

PS- that's some nice art work. Now if the physics was just that easy.
~ Zefram Cochrane

message 4: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4203 comments An interesting idea, though take it with a grain of salt...

message 5: by Warren (new)

Warren | 1556 comments terpkristin wrote: "An interesting idea, though take it with a grain of salt..."

He can update his thesis after they engineers build it.

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terpkristin | 4203 comments I actually don't like the tone of the jalopnik article, it seems too...negative.

I like that people get excited about science, even with semi-outlandish ideas (like this warp drive). We have to push boundaries, but also realize what's realistic and what's not. But anything that gets people excited about science and/or space...count me in. :)

message 7: by Warren (new)

Warren | 1556 comments Agree- Beside it sounds like be a good use for those SLS’s.
It’s been a long time since NASA has had a really good window rattling launch.

Sean Lookielook Sandulak (seansandulak) | 432 comments terpkristin wrote: "An interesting idea, though take it with a grain of salt..."

Yeah, the Alcubierre drive is a bit of a media darling that the press likes to dig up every five years or so. They usually skip over the part that says it breaks the laws of physics as we know them, or that it relies on exotic matter that has yet to be even observed experimentally. Still it would be nice to believe that we have plans in place for human space travel besides giving the Russians a lot of money to go a couple of hundred miles up and back again.

message 9: by Warren (last edited Jun 25, 2014 06:32PM) (new)

Warren | 1556 comments I think its possible but I don’t think I could explain it to my grandmother. Which means I still don’t adequately understand it.
& Due to funding cut NASA only plans to break the speed of Lite.

message 10: by Warren (last edited Jul 03, 2014 05:18AM) (new)

Warren | 1556 comments Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku (23 Aug episode) gives an excellent description of possible methods of attaining faster then light speed.
(His podcasts are also available in iTunes).

The short version- Einsteins Special relativity says it's impossible
but his general relativity allows for it (via worm holes).
Getting through the worm hole is still a problem.
(He sort of skipped over how to get through the worm holes.)
So someone is going to need a bigger chalkboard.

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”
― Albert Einstein

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