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message 1: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (rmt1017) | 1 comments Has anyone seen or does anyone have a complete chronological list of the books? I should be receiving United as one in the next week, and when I'm done, I want to re-read the series in Timeline order. TIA!

message 2: by Mer (new)

Mer (pixiehyelim) | 6 comments I Am Number Four(2010),

The Power Of Six(2011), The Lost Files: Six's Legacy(2011),

The Rise Of Nine(2012), The Lost Files: Nine's legacy(2012), The Lost Files: The legacies(2012), The Lost Files: The Forgotten Legacies(2012), The Lost Files: The Search For Sam(2012),

The Fall Of Five(2013), The Lost Files:The Last Days of Lorien(2013), The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones(2013), The Lost Files: Secret Histories(2013),

The Revenge Of Seven(2014), The Lost Files:Five's Legacy(2014), The Lost Files:Return To Paradise(2014), The Lost Files:Five's Betrayal(2014), The Lost Files: The Fugitive(2014),

The Fate Of Ten(2015), The Lost Files:The Navigator(2015), The Lost Files:The Guard(2015), The Lost Files: Legacies Reborn(2015)

United As One(2016), The Lost Files:Last Defense(2016)

Here you go:)

message 3: by Suicideloveme (new)

Suicideloveme (mrlol) | 39 comments after united as one comes:

Generation one (2017)

This one is from a new serie calles the Lorien Legacies reborn;
the autor is worcking in the secuel of generation one.

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