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julianna ➹ (juliannnnna) Hi! I'm not a mod or anything but I'm that type of person that once they join a group, they immediately are super hyped and want to participate in it and do tons of stuff. I like having small things to do, ok?

Anyways! I thought that this thread could be for all us book bloggers to introduce ourselves, and leave links to our blogs??

So, here are some questions:
What type of posts do you enjoy doing?

What's a weird fact about you?

What's a bookish fact about you?

Feel free to leave links to social media/your blog!

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Rendz (rwrendz) | 3 comments Hello everyone!

I am Rendz from Reading with Rendz! I am a Canadian book blogger, with a long list of books and almost no time to read. I know it's sad.
I mainly review YA books, but I would like to expand into middle grade and adult.
I am a huge fantasy lover. If there is no magic, then I lose interest real fast. *But* I am always willing to read into other genres.

I write reviews, tags, award posts and I'm trying to come up with a new discussion post for my blog. But yet again, the lack of time is a suckish factor!

A weird fact...I can make and Alvin and the Chipmunks-like-voice without any computerization. I can annoy people (my mom) very easily.

A bookish fact...hmmm....If I own a book and read it, I MUST flip through every page. Leave no page un-turned is my motto. I read cover to cover (literally)!

Links! Visit me, Talk to me. I'm there for you!

Blog: https://readingwithrendz.wordpress.co...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RwRendz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readingwith...

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julianna ➹ (juliannnnna) So, uh, I realized that I didn't answer the questions myself.
So, I will!

Hi, I'm Julianna from Blots of Ink and Words and I enjoy writing discussion posts, but I occasionally post reviews and tags!

(I included the posting question so that people can pick/choose which blogs they want when blog hopping!)

A weird fact about me is probably that I'm a super intense person. Like, if I get into something I GET INTO IT. My blogging voice is big and slightly screaming and I agree.

Reference~ all of my favorite books ever.

A bookish fact about me is that I AM IN LOVE WITH RETELLINGS. And I also weirdly prefer paperbacks over hardcovers.

Blog // Blots of Ink and Words
Twitter // Blots of Ink
Instagram // Blots of Ink and Words
Tumblr // Blots of Ink and Words
Pinterest // Blots of Ink and Words
Bloglovin // Blots of Ink and Words

Ummm yeah, I have a lot of links.

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Nadwa | 50 comments Mod
Hii guys! (good job there with creating this discussion, Julianna! 😍 everyone's free to create whatever they like here, and if there's anything else you're interested in, please don't hesitate to message me or any of the other moderators!)

So I'm Nadwa from Painfully Fictional, I love doing tags and memes next to writing book reviews.

Ummm a weird fact about me would probably be... that I don't like chocolate all that much 😅

A bookish fact about me is that although I'm only 17, I like Adult/New Adult books more than YA ones when it comes to contemporaries.

And make sure you add me here on Goodreads, too!

Laura (thebookcorps) | 53 comments Mod
You bet us to it Julianna! Thank you so much for making this discussion :D

So my name is Laura from thebookcorps. I mainly write book reviews, but I love doing tags and awards, and recently I have started writing some topical essays and discussions about things in the book publishing industry. I'm currently completing a Master's in Publishing, so I'm trying to incorporate that into my blog.
I mainly review YA fiction - any genre, it usually depends on my mood - but will occasionally post reviews of adult books from authors who requested a review. I also love hosting blog tours too.

A weird fact is that I have Dory's memory. Literally, you can tell me something and I will forget it 2 seconds later (so to the other mods, if you tell me to do something and I forget to do it, I'm sorry!) I have the worst memory.

A bookish fact is that I always skip to the last page of a book (if its a series) to make sure everyone survived. I'm trying to do this less and less because I always get spoiled and I always get angry (even though it's my own fault).

YA Book Central (Don't know if many people use this).
And also, here on Goodreads!

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christine✨ (ladygetslit) | 1 comments Hi everyone!

I'm Christine from The Story Salve, which is a book(ish) blog among other things. I post discussions, reviews, the occasional meme, and other good stuff. I read all sorts of stuff, but mainly YA contemporary, general adult fiction and classics, and memoirs.

A weird fact about me: I'm a compulsive list maker. I list everything I need to do in a day, even things like going to the grocery store or writing a blog post. It makes me feel accomplished when I get to check something off :)

A bookish fact about me: I'm 27 years old and my favorite book is still Anne of Green Gables. I read the entire series once every couple years and I always find something new.

I'm always looking for new friends, whether it's on here or elsewhere. Find me here:
my book(ish) blog

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Eva (brilliantlybookish) Hi everyone! My name is Eva from Brilliantly Bookish! On my blog I mainly talk about YA literature. These are the books I'm most interested in :-). The genre doesn't really matter to me. I read a whole arrange of books, although I do avoid horror. I don't like to be scared.

I post reviews, book tags and the occasional discussion. Recently I also started this new series on my blog called 'Self-love'.

Compared to most of the bloggers I know I'm rather young, I just turned fifteen last week!

As for an interesting fact about me, I can't blow up a balloon! I have this thing were I can't breathe through my nose and mouth at the same time. When I was little I used to also have problems drinking from a bottle!

You can find my blog here : https://brilliantlybookishsite.wordpr...

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Hope Edwards (fangirl_life29) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Hope.
I read and review mostly YA and I don't have a specific genre preference. I do try to review broadway tour show I get to go see but so far I've only posted one and am in the process of writing my second.
I blog at https://fan-girl-tabulous.blogspot.com/
I also have an instagram and twitter under the name of fangirl_life29

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Emmie (bookswithemmie) | 2 comments Hi! I am Emily, but I go by my nickname Emmie. My blog focuses around bookish related things as well as environmental friendly options to every day items like plastic bags, and thrifting related tidbits. I like throwing in a few wild card posts about other things that aren't book related to keep things fresh.

I enjoying writing reviews, book tags, and discussion type posts on my blog. I also do informational related posts every once in a while if I'm feeling it.

The most interesting fact about me is the fact that I have teal hair that makes me feel like a mermaid. My hairdresser is awesome and she makes sure my hair is popping. I haven't gotten split ends the whole time I have had it colored because I take care of it.

Blog: Tea With Mermaids & Twitter

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Lyndsey (lyndleloo) | 15 comments Hi everyone! I feel so old now, I'm 28 (soon to be 29...) does that make me the oldest here?? :-o lol.

I'm Lyndsey and my blog is the very creatively named Lyndsey's Book Blog.

I love YA, especially fantasy, so I mainly review those but with a few other genres thrown in for the sake of diversity. I'm also writing a YA fantasy novel (my first, eep!) so I also post writing progress updates and advice, as well as tags and awards etc.

I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as @lyndleloo too :-)

Erm, a weird fact about me... I speak Spanish, I studied it at Uni, but I'm so shy I daren't actually use it and when we go on holiday my husband teases me because he has to speak to strangers and he doesn't even speak Spanish :'-)

I'm so excited to read Cinder for the book of the month, I've always wanted to read the Lunar Chronicles and just never gotten round to it!

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Niv (ilvermoreads) | 3 comments Hola amigos! I'm Nivs from Ilvermoreads. I currently write YA book reviews but am hoping to expand into other genres. Things have been kind of crazy with my personal work at the moment. However, I hope that I can create more posts soon!

A weird fact about me is that I hate it when people snap their fingers. The sound is pretty annoying.

One (unfortunate) bookish fact about me is that I stopped reading for two years. I was so busy with school and extracurriculars that I didn't keep track of doing things for fun. But I'm back now! So that's what matters.

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sruthireads | 2 comments Hey! My name is Sruthi R, and I come from the blog: My Bookish World. I love doing Posts on my Bookish thoughts, and doing tags. I also have a bookstagram where I love to post pictures.

One weird thing about me is that I LOVE drinking iced water.Yes. That's not a typo. I literally have iced water with me at all times.

A bookish fact about me is that I LOVE the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Like LOVE. 😍😍😍😍

Check my out my links:

Blog: www.mybookishworldweb.wordpress.com

Instagram: www.instgram.com/mybookishworldweb

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Shouni Hello everyone! I'm Shouni from Through the Book Portal. I mainly write YA book reviews. My favorite posts to write are probably tags and memes. I'm also very inconsistent when it comes to posting stuff because I'm horrible at scheduling.

A weird fact would be that I get very easily addicted to things (especially TV shows and books). And it gets to the point to where I literally cannot focus on anything else until I've finished watching/reading.

A bookish fact about me is that I don't like buying books until I've read it first so I know it's good.


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Duskangelreads | 24 comments This is an awesome idea! Just went through and followed everyone but 1 blog and that was because they were the only Blogspot and I am Wordpress, so can't follow except by email, which I never actually look at anyway!

So anyway, I'm Eliza from DuskAngelReads and I have been in the blogging world for about 11 months and have loved every minute of it!

The posts I enjoy doing the most is probably tags and at the moment by Down the TBR Hole posts as I'm enjoying going through my TBR list and deleting things and making it smaller and more realistic!

My weird fact is that I have notebooks all over my house that are filled with all different things! Especially at the moment as I still have my notebooks from my diploma, which I have now finished, laying around. There is literally 5 on the lounge chair next to mine, 2 art journals and 3 colouring books! 😳

And a bookish fact is I literally hate finding out what a book is about before reading it! I like it most going into books knowing 0 things about it except the gener! So this is why I hardly ever read an entire post from someone and constantly mute YouTube videos, as I'm avoiding that!

Personal Instagram

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Saloni | 4 comments Hello everyone!!
This is Saloni.. And Thanks Julliana this really is a wonderful idea!
I came across this group on Nadwa's blog page. And I just came and followed everyone's blog links above! You guys have some amazing posts which I've been reading for the past 2 hours anyway I'm new to blogging and I just wrote my first post yesterday, so your posts were really inspiring.

A fact about me is that I really get sucked into the world of books and sometimes T.V Series or Movies!

A bookish fact - I'm still in love with Harry Potter.

So here's my blog link - booksandstars I'm literally new to this blooging world so please help me out!
Any suggestions or advices would be really appreciated !!

Also I would really love to make new friends so if anyone of you are interested for chats! do drop me a message!
I'll be eagerly waiting for your messages

message 16: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Gupta (mridula_gupta) Hey everyone This is Mridula and i am from India.
i have a blog where i talk about everything bookisg
here's the link
check it out and click on the like button if u liked it :)

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may ➹ (may_onnaise) | 2 comments Hey guys! I just joined on an invitation from Julianna. So I guess I'll introduce myself???

I'm May, also known as the Mango Queen, and I blog over at Forever and Everly. I've only been blogging for about four months (I think???) but I REALLY love it so far. I think I'm a bit obsessed??? But I'll be fine. I think.

Also please don't be scared if I SCREAM LIKE THIS A LOT (or use too many parentheses) because it's become a part of me now??? As well as question marks???

What type of posts do you enjoy doing? I enjoy doing bookish and writing posts! My blog isn't COMPLETELY a book blog, but it has a lot of bookish aspects, which I love to post about! I'm also a passionate writer and try to post things that'll help other writers out.

What's a weird fact about you? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I'M NOT WEIRD AT ALL. Ahem. Fine. I guess a weird fact about me is that... I really like mangoes + dried mangoes. But that shouldn't be weird at all.

What's a bookish fact about you? I READ REALLY SLOW. AND I HATE IT.

I'll be checking all of your blogs out as soon as possible, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know y'all! <3

(PS I'm pretty new to Goodreads. Like, four days new. XD)

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Judith Moore | 7 comments Hello all!
I'm Judith and I'm a blogger over at chaininteraction (www.chaininteraction.wordpress.com) I also tweet @judithcmoore for my sins.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
Am I a dork if I say reviews? I just like sharing my opinion on things!

What's a weird fact about you?
I have met and hugged not one but two previous archbishop-of Cantebury's for various reasons...

What's a bookish fact about you?
Dragons are my absolute favourite addition to any fantasy novel!

Excited to meet humans!

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So, I'm Mahriya from @ My Bookish Life (https://mybookylife.wordpress.com/)

Yes, it's the most unimaginative name you've probably read, yeah, I have a 'bookish' life. let's get that over with. Basically, I love all things wordy and I think i MAY have an obsession with chocolate. It happens peeps.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?

LISTS. Because LISTS are life, and like 'types of readers' and like JUST RELATABLE DISCUSSIONS AND STUFF. Though I'm like horrible at writing posts compared to others.

What's a weird fact about you?
WOW, is someone like A MIND READER> I'm like so weird, I'm WEIRD. #wow
So, I tend to say GOSH a lot and eat marshmallows and white chocolate. Perhaps I'm a Sherlock fan, BUT I AM SANE (well, at least I think I am) Most people like to call me a 'passionate bookworm' but I know, in some code, that is actually 'crazy fangirl' #genius

What's a bookish fact about you?
I LOVE BOOKS. Ahh, that's abit obvious. I'm a fast reader, I dog ear pages, I'm KINDA an e-book hoarder, and have only listened to 1 audiobook in my life. I'm also a goldfish when it comes to remebering character names, and EVEN BOOK TITLES, so there's that!

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Lyndsey (lyndleloo) | 15 comments Mahriya wrote: "OKAY, I'M OFFICIALLY HERE GUYS!

So, I'm Mahriya from @ My Bookish Life (https://mybookylife.wordpress.com/)

Yes, it's the most unimaginative name you've probably read, yeah, I have a 'bookish' l..."

Yes Mahriya, a fellow page dog-earer!! I feel like such a pariah in the bookish community for doing it :'-)

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Lia (lostinastory) Hi everyone!
I'm Lia and I've been blogging at my blog Lost In A Story for almost 11 months now (wow time flies when you're having fun). I blog about books and writing. I love writing and reading discussion posts, but I also share some fiction writing (occasionally) and write book reviews.
I don't know if it's weird but I only read Harry Potter when I was 18 (I'm almost 21 now) and I fell in love with it. Today marks the day I finally own a complete set of all the books (yay!)
I guess that was also a bookish fact.... oh well. I read all the time, whenever I find the time. I don't do dogearing but I don't hate people who do (I still love you Mahriya). I read mainly YA contemporary, contemporary-fantasy, (light) fantasy and sci-fi. And I'm currently reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater!
I just followed all of you! :D
Okay, links:
my blog
bookish instagram
artsy instagram
Some shameless self promo: I'm currently working on a project to introduce new bloggers to the community, so if you're new, go check out this post.

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Jessica (jmtuckerman) | 11 comments Hi there Booknerds!
I'm Jessi and I've blogged all over the place. Currently I blog at JMTuckerman.com and BookedAllNight.wordpress.com. Total, I've been blogging for about five years now, but now that I'm relatively out of school, I'm really focusing on getting involved with other book bloggers.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
Well, I love reviewing but to get a lot of posts out with just reviews requires a lot of reading--and that burns me out so fast! I really like the Waiting on Wednesday and Which Cover Wednesday tags.

What's a weird fact about you?
There's not a lot of weird facts about me... depending on who you ask. But I can give you a few facts:
1. I have a lot of paper! AS in Psychology, BA in Writing Arts, specializations in Creative Writing and New Media Writing & Publication, and a concentration in New Media Production, a MA in Writing, and I'm working toward a MFA in Writing for Children and YA.
2. I'm getting married in October and my whole wedding is all books and YES I will post pictures (duh!).
3. I'm a little addicted to Magikarp jump right now.

What's a bookish fact about you?
I hated reading until I read Harry Potter. Which came out when I was 11 btw.

Connect with me!
Booked All Night

And what the heck-a shameless self promo for the master post of blog ideas. If you you have a weekly that you do just let me know and I'll add complete with directions to link back to you!
Bookish Blog Idea Master Post

message 23: by Judith (new)

Judith Moore | 7 comments Jessica wrote: "Hi there Booknerds!
I'm Jessi and I've blogged all over the place. Currently I blog at JMTuckerman.com and BookedAllNight.wordpress.com. Total, I've been blogging for about five years now, but now ..."

I'm getting married right at the end of September! Congratulations! Bookish wedding?

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Lyndsey wrote: "Mahriya wrote: "OKAY, I'M OFFICIALLY HERE GUYS!

So, I'm Mahriya from @ My Bookish Life (https://mybookylife.wordpress.com/)

Yes, it's the most unimaginative name you've probably read, yeah, I ha..."

I know! Like gosh, bookmarks are so pretty, but such a hassle! I honestly don't feel too guilty for dog earing.

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Anj (greenlitmuse) | 1 comments Hola people!! I'm Anj and I'm from India!
I blog over at seaweedbooks and absolutely adore books *tell something more interesting, Anj. PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW YOUR OBSESSION WITH BOOKS*
Here's the link to my blog: http://seaweedbooksblog.wordpress.com I love art, artsy things, aesthetics and patterns. Oh and History, Biology and English too (great, now she decides to jut in academics) Sarcasm is my most favourite weapon and sass is a life-saver. A paperback person who loves pretty hardcovers but is broke, so, ends up reading most of her books from the local library.

In case you're wondering, I am a Ravenclaw and a Horned Serpent. Let's face it. Your Hogwarts house is very important. Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Hunger Games are some of my all time favourites! Jack Sparrow is my spirit animal.



See ya!
- Anj xx

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Lyndsey (lyndleloo) | 15 comments Anj (seaweed books) wrote: "Hola people!! I'm Anj and I'm from India!
I blog over at seaweedbooks and absolutely adore books *tell something more interesting, Anj. PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW YOUR OBSESSION WITH BOOKS*
Here's the li..."

Hufflepuff over here *waves* :-)

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Lyndsey (lyndleloo) | 15 comments Jessica wrote: "Hi there Booknerds!
I'm Jessi and I've blogged all over the place. Currently I blog at JMTuckerman.com and BookedAllNight.wordpress.com. Total, I've been blogging for about five years now, but now ..."

Yay someone else over 25! Lol, congratulations on your wedding! :-)

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Anj (seaweed books) wrote: "Hola people!! I'm Anj and I'm from India!
I blog over at seaweedbooks and absolutely adore books *tell something more interesting, Anj. PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW YOUR OBSESSION WITH BOOKS*
Here's the li..."

AHH ANJ, *hugs*! Of course, SARCASM is what I live off. PINTEREST AND BLOGGING = MY LIFE. Ahh, so glad you're here.

message 29: by Mandy (new)

Mandy (bookprincessreviewsblog) | 36 comments Mod
Hello everyone! Sorry I'm super late to the introduce yourself party. :D

I'm Mandy from Book Princess Reviews. As you can see from my profile pictures, Disney Princesses + YA Books = me in a fangirling nutshell. I've been blogging since October 2016 (I would give you a month number, but math is hard).

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
Hmmmm...that's a really good question. I have to say that I really enjoy doing a lot of posts. I love doing reviews, I've just recently gotten into the blog memes which are so much fun, and tags are always great. Literally everything apparently. I'm still in a book love haze.

What's a weird fact about you?
...I'm in my 20s, and I still don't know how to ride a bike.

What's a bookish fact about you?
Um, oh dear. I don't do too well with book facts. I consider myself a book hipster at times, because I get really scared of books with a lot of hype. And that book hipsterness stopped me from reading 3 of my favorite series for a really long time. Oh, and I really do think about which Disney Princess will be for each book far more intensely than I probably should. XD

If you are interested, here are my links!
Blog: http://bookprincessreviews.wordpress.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_bookprincess_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookprinces...

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Mridula Gupta (mridula_gupta) Hey guys, so I and my friend decided to host a bookish meme called Bookish Discovery this week. I would be glad if you checked the post out and participated in it.

☾ Liz ☆ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews ☆ Hey everyone! I'm Elizabeth but I usually just go by Lizzie. I really enjoy writing up my review posts even though I'm always so slow to actually start doing it haha. Once I stop avoiding it I just have fun c:

One weird fact about me is that I have 6 cats. Yep, that's right. Six. One of our cats had kittens years ago and when we couldn't find any homes for them (plus they grew on us) we just kept them.

A bookish fact about me is that I probably own like 300+ books because I know that I had at least 200 on my bookcase at one point and since then I've gotten a whole lot more and they're just piled up on random things/corners of my room/furniture now. And I haven't even read the majority of them! This isn't even counting all my ebooks. I have a book buying problem xD

Here are my links:
Blog: https://lizziebookblogging.wordpress....
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xXI_Celeste_IXx
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/celestial_b...

message 32: by Laila (new)

Laila Hello everyone! I'm Breeny from @BreenysBooks.

I'm a diverse book blogger, and I love reading, writing, and reviewing YA books. I'm relatively new to the game, but I'm loving the journey so far.

Two fun facts about me: I have basic proficiency in Mandarin (I've studied it for 4 years), and I write the first drafts of my novels by hand.

Blog: https://breenysbooks.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/BreenysBooks

message 33: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jackiewbu) | 8 comments Mod
HEY EVERYONE! I am literally the worst group moderator EVER but yes, hi hello I'm the 4th moderator of this group!

I'm Jackie and I blog over at Too Much of a Book Nerd! (I suck at HTML so I'll just leave my link right here https://toomuchofabooknerd.wordpress.... <3)

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy writing reviews, as well as memes and tags, and I love reading discussions posts (I have yet to post my first one but I'll go do that soon!!!)
Oh, and lists are AWESOME!

What's a weird fact about you?
This is not really weird lol but I use sarcasm like 98% of the time and all the people I know in real life are always like WHAT??? HOW CAN U SAY THAT??? ARE U OK???
Like yeah...... I am! It was a JOKE! :D

What's a bookish fact about you?
I buy way too many books and never end up reading them and then I just buy more books and I probably have like five thousand unread books on my shelves AND I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM BUT I CAN'T HELP IT BYE

I'm so excited about this group and I can't wait to chat with all of you! I'll make sure to check out all of your blogs ASAP!

Also, feel free to add me on Goodreads and follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/booknerdjackie :)

message 34: by JJ (new)

JJ (thereviewlibrarian) | 8 comments Hello! I am JJ from http://www.thereviewlibrarian.weebly.com

I am just getting started with blogging though I have been a reviewer for a few publications over the last four years.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
I dig reviews, especially book to movie comparisons. I love a good book debate in the comments section and I look forward to blogging about life in the library as well as just what I'm reading.

What is a weird fact about you?
I only read YA romance in the summer and during that time I cannot get enough!

What's a bookish fact about you?
I am a young adult librarian and a striving Indie Author. My author page (though admittedly pretty static) is www.mflorson.weebly.com

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Ash ❤ (theinfinitelibrary) | 5 comments Hi everyone! Sorry, I've been super slow getting to introducing myself. I'm Ashley. I'm 24, live in Sydney, Australia and run a blog and bookstagram called The Infinite Library. I've only been blogging for a few months now and bookstagramming for a couple of weeks so it's all very new for me.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
I write a lot of book reviews - mostly fantasy and YA but occasionally other genres as well. I've started to get into tags too and from time to time do book discussions. I really should do more of them actually!

What's a weird fact about you?
I made a batch of scones a few years back and accidentally read a pinch of salt as a teaspoon. They were the saltiest, most disgusting things ever!

What's a bookish fact about you?
My favourite book when I was a kid was Winnie the Pooh and the Very Big Bear. My parents and I read it so many times that they'd often try to skip pages to make it go faster and I would tell them no, before reciting the missed bits word by word.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and discussing Cinder!


message 36: by Sarah {The Clever Reader} (last edited Jun 26, 2017 02:32PM) (new)

Sarah {The Clever Reader} Hi Everyone! I'm new to the blogging world and am so excited to meet all of you! I'm 29, live in Utah, and run a blog as well as co-host a local book club at one of our Independent Bookshops!

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
I personally love doing the meme's because I get to research and discover new books!

What's a weird fact about you?
My nickname growing up was noodles because I loved eating mac and cheese, or anything with noodles in it really. :)

What's a bookish fact about you?
I attend about 3-5 book events with YA authors each month which is the most fun thing ever!!

You can find me at https://thecleverreader.wordpress.com/

McKenzie (Bookishthingsandtea) | 6 comments Hello all! I stumbled across this group, and as a fellow book blogger, I thought it would be a good way to be more involved on Goodreads! My name is McKenzie, and I run the blog Bookish Things and Tea. Uh... I also like reading. Yep, that's pretty much me.

My favorite type of posts to write are book reviews, even though the more popular posts tend to be tags and such. There's just something about discussing your feels on a book, ya know?

Let's see, a weird fact... I do play four instruments, and I'm looking into learning another. I currently play oboe, english horn, piccolo, and a tiny bit of flute. I'd love to learn how to play the ukulele!

A bookish fact about me is that my favorite series of all time is The Infernal Devices. Will Herondale is the love of my life, and no one can take this away from me. Another quick one, contrary to popular opinion, I don't like The Fault in Our Stars! I know *gasp*

Come say hi!
Blog- https://bookishthingsandtea.wordpress...
Twitter- https://twitter.com/bookishteacups

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christina (kadygrants) Hi!! I am Christina from Pages With Wings!

Favorite type of blog post: I like doing tags or anything where I get to make lists. I love making lists!

Weird fact: I am obsessed with Hamilton!

Bookish Fact: I know everyone hates it when someone dog-ears a page, but I do it?? lol

You can find my blog at pageswithwings.wordpress.com

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Lyndsey (lyndleloo) | 15 comments Christina (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ wrote: "Hi!! I am Christina from Pages With Wings!

Favorite type of blog post: I like doing tags or anything where I get to make lists. I love making lists!

Weird fact: I am obsessed with Hamilton!


Hi Christina, yay a fello page dog-earer! I only recently started using a bookmark because it came in an Illumicrate, but I actually still prefer a dog-eared page. Bookmarks slip out too easily... Lol

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Bella Hi everyone! My name is Bella from Bella Blogs Because Books!

I like doing reviews, but they're often not very serious. I normally end up finding one random thing to rant or rave about and then talk about that the whole time. They're fun, though.

A weird fact about me is that I always text with perfect grammar.

A bookish fact about me is that I hate most romances in books. I feel like it takes away from the story. Don't get me wrong, though. There are some that I like.

Come check me out sometime!

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Zoe (Attic Salt Reviews) | 1 comments Hi all, my name is Zoe (obviously), I am 16 and I am from Brisbane, Australia.

I started my blog Attic Salt Reviews earlier this year because I have always dreamed of becoming some sort of writer and I guess the only way you can get there is by writing. So I am really looking forward to being a part of this group and getting to know some like-minded people.

I love posting and reading reviews and have never really started with tags yet, though I do hope I will some time soon.

I don't know if the fact that I am double jointed is weird or not but I can hyper-extend my fingers, wrists, elbows, back, knees and ankles to the extreme and, despite the fact that I am a dancer, I am the clumsiest and most ungraceful person in real life.

A bookish fact could be that I am a major romantic, I can't help it but I am not guilty for it. Many books that others consider too cheesy I fall in love with. Give me any sort of romance I am down for a good read.

Please feel free to friend me and check out my blog and I would be more than happy to talk you.

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Jennifer (rhousebg) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Jennifer from Ravenclaw Book Geek and yes, I'm a Harry Potter nut!

I'm from Guatemala, Central America, a mom of two and currently I live in El Salvador.

I love reading YA and almost all my posts fall into that genre.

A fact that at least my husband thinks it's weird is that I read the last few chapters first and if I don't like it could be a book deal breaker (as it happend with The Raven King).

I started my blog on November 2016 and recently joined Twitter too so check me out if you feel like it:

Twitter: @RavenclawBG

Feel free to add me as friend and to follow my SM if you want...

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Annalee | 10 comments Hi!!! I am Annalee from Buttons Book Reviews. Even though I have been on here a while I still have not introduced myself.

There is my blog address.

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Becky (booktothebecky) | 1 comments Hey guys! My name is Becky and I run Book to the Becky. I started my blog earlier this year to vent about all of my book feels and my writing woes.

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?
I really enjoying doing memes, especially Top Ten Tuesday, because its fun getting creative and coming up with these lists. A type of post that I have yet to do, but am looking forward to eventually introducing is talking about book to film/tv adaptations. I'd like to think I have a unique perspective on this subject as I have a degree in film studies, and can't wait to eventually talking about adaptations.

What's a weird fact about you?
I am extremely clumsy, but for some reason am AMAZING at the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game. It's my hidden talent. One day I plan on winning a drunk bet with this talent.

What's a bookish fact about you?
YA contemporary is my guilty pleasure and I eat it up no matter how trashy or terrible the book is. This genre just gives me all of the warm and fuzzy feelings, and I love it.

Here are my links so you can check me out:
Blog - https://booktothebecky.wordpress.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/booktothebe...

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Lydia (ps_i_still_read_you) | 7 comments Hi I'm Lydia. I'm new to the book blog community. I just posted my first weekly post on Wednesday, but I have some of my reviews on there too. I'm a sucker for a good story whether it's through books, movies, TV/anime, or even music; which is why I watch so many YouTube reviews. I'm very particular about the physical quality of my books, so I make people sign a contract whenever they borrow a book.

Blog: https://psistillreadyou.wordpress.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ps_i_still_...
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/psistillre...
Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ps_i_sti...

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Robin (redbird17) Hi, I'm Robin. I'm also new to the book blog community. I'm currently writing my first post and hope to post it in the next couple of days. I love reading YA and fantasy and have a way too long TBR pile. I really don't like reading off a screen, I prefer the texture and the smell of a physical book.

Blog (even though there is nothing on it yet): https://bookstographics.wordpress.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookswantto...

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Eline (elinevantilt) Hello! My name is Lauren and I started my blogging adventure in January. I read and review YA contemporary novels but I also like doing memes such as Top Ten Tuesday because the topics are always interesting and fun to do.

I can't come up with a good weird fact about me for the moment, so I'm just going to tell you a bookish fact. My bookish fact is that I often go the last page to see if my favourite characters survive / end up together / etc. I can't stand the suspense and need to know how it ends right away :D

Blog My Paper Infinity
Twitter @laurenhanaway

It's nice to meet all of you!

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Amena  (Nerd in New York) (nerdinnewyork) | 7 comments Hey everyone, I'm Balie and I blog at Nerd In New York. I love reading books (duh), and writing about them too!

What type of posts do you enjoy doing? - I love writing discussion posts that everyone can debate on. Or spark some sort of controversy (I'm a sucker for DRAMA). I also love doing bookish tags, and awards.

What's a weird fact about you?- I have an obsession with pandas. I love them so much!

What's a bookish fact about you? - I am a huge fan of Six of Crows, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments.

My blog: https://novelersblog.wordpress.com/

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Darque  Dreamer  (darquedreamer) | 4 comments Hi everyone!! My name is Adrienne, AKA Darque Dreamer. I am a Cali girl at heart with a punk rock soul and a passion for reading, makeup, and wild hair! I started my blog in January and I have falen in love with the book community!! I prefer YA books to all other genres, but I do occasionally read adult books. I love connecting with other bookies and participating in all the fun book tag posts!!

My favorite type of posts are the unique book tags! It may take me a while to get to them, but I LOVE them!

One weird fact about me is that I absolutely hate graphic sex scenes in books, tv, and movies, but I used to sell Pure Romance products. In my defense though, the company is aimed more toward helping women learn about their bodies in a healthy way versus being all about sex and "toys", lol.

One bookish fact about me is that I am very OCD about finger print smudges on my books and bent pages.

It's nice to meet everyone! You can find my blog here:

I am DarqueDreamer on IG and Twitter, and I love making new friends!!

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Emma (keystrokeblog) | 1 comments Hi!! My name is Emma and I'm a blogger over at http://www.keystrokeblog.com ! I love reading and reading about reading and watching booktube! I also watch way to much Netflix. Oops!

Okay, now to answer the questions:

What type of posts do you enjoy doing?

I like tags and discussion posts! But I also like writing book reviews!

What's a weird fact about you?

I don't know how "weird" this is (but let me assure you, I am plenty weird)... but I've broken 7 bones. Ta-da. Total clutz over here.

What's a bookish fact about you?

I learned how to read at 5... also I can read 100 pages an hour when I don't have any distractions.

I can't wait to meet more book bloggers!! Also I am @keystrokeblog on twitter!

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