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message 1: by Giacomo (new)

Giacomo Boccardo (jhackjhack) | 22 comments I can't find anywhere which should be considered the cover of a slipcase. All the glossaries I found define the parts of a book, but the slipcase is ignored :D
Can you provide references?

To clarify the reason of this topic, consider Absolute Preacher Vol.1 and 2. In order to explain where the images are on the slipcases, I'm going to use the following convention: "right" means that looking at the spine of the book properly (!) inserted in the slipcases the "cover" of the slipcase is on the right, close to the front cover of the book inserted. I'll let you figure out yourself the meaning of "left" :P

According to the publisher's website and to the books I own, one of the these two "covers" is wrong: (left) (right) (right) (right)

What do you think about that?

message 2: by Vernice (new)

Vernice (fictionfantastic) | 52 comments Hi Giacomo! I think you're absolutely right that the *right* image should be used. I've gone ahead and updated the cover image of Vol 1 to reflect this.

message 3: by Giacomo (new)

Giacomo Boccardo (jhackjhack) | 22 comments Hi Vernice, I never said that :-D
I just noticed that and I was looking for references because I can't find a rationale anywhere.
It would be nice to take a decision based on something reliable and add that to Cover Images.

P.S.: for those books the "left" covers are extremely more cool than the "right" ones :D

message 4: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments We don't have any rational for slip cases where there are two images, if there is only one or title text is explicit then we would use that.

I think we should be using the "picture" that the publisher is using to advertise (if they are indeed using one)

message 5: by Giacomo (new)

Giacomo Boccardo (jhackjhack) | 22 comments Unfortunately, in this situation, both the covers of the splicase are perfectly similar considering the structure. In my opinion are indistinguishable.

message 6: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments You're asking the wrong question :)

The covers of the books inside, not the slipcase are all that matters, because this is not being sold as a box set.

The slipcover came with #1 but it's just an extra like the pinup posters, and isn't strictly relevant to GR.

If it's ever repackaged as a set of three books complete in the slipcase with it's own ISBN and with the books already inside, then we can worry about which side of it is the front, and the issue will likely be solved with "Whatever side Vertigo lists it with in their promo material/on their website".

(As an aside,
There are multiple series going on here, confusing things mightily.
-- Absolute Preacher Vol 1 Contains Deluxe Preacher Books 1 and 2, which contains the individual Issues #1-26 in total. And there's the other collections which breaks the issues up into 9 TPB's.

I would be very tempted to make this a new series, Absolute Preacher #1 through 3, rather than adding them to the Deluxe editions, because of this renumbering. There's really no other way to do this that isn't wildly confusing to readers, although there may be other options that I didn't think of. )

message 7: by Giacomo (new)

Giacomo Boccardo (jhackjhack) | 22 comments The actual covers of both the books you can find on the publisher's website are not the real ones because of the lack of title, author and penciller. I replaced them with the photos of the books I own.

If we'd use the book covers, the two covers would be completely indistinguishable because the numbers are on the spines.

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